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Goodbye, SportsLine

Today is officially my last day as a SportsLiner (CBSSportser just doesn't have the same ring.)

On Thursday, the Fantasy guys did a roast of me at lunch. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. Here are a few of the "publishable" jokes that Ross and Dave Richard (along with some of my rebuttals) said to the group:

  • You know what Serge’s problem is? He’s too nice. If he were any nicer, he’d be gay.
  • Blanco couldn’t be here today. He just couldn’t get over the terrible empty feeling -- in his skull ... Blanco is going home to see his family in Georgia this week. Wonder if he’s staying with his sister, his mom or his aunt? Oh wait, they’re all the same person.
  • Jamey is getting married soon, poor lad. It’s amazing Gonos’ ex got back into the wedding game so quickly ... Some people might think Jamey will be neutered by marriage, but not to worry -- his voice tells us everything we need to know about the state of his cojones.
  • Hurc is so cheap, when someone rings the door bell at his apartment, he sticks his head out the window and says, ding-dong.
  • Big thanks to Emack for actually putting down his "work" and showing up today. ****ing 27-year-old baseball players is hard work, I bet.
  • Some people say you’re fat, Gonos. Fat? You're not fat, you're just ... OK, hell, you’re fat ... Gonos’ new workplace is apparently a little closer to the beach. Problem with that is he doesn’t know how to swim. His mother would never let him in the water ... because it was never more than 30 mins since he last ate.
FROM DAVE RICHARD: (Notice "Lion King" pillow in Richard's messy cube on right.)
  • Gonos, your office chair wanted me to thank you for finally letting it breathe. My office chair is jealous.
  • Now Gonos is off to Hey Gonos, speaking of cube stuff, I'm glad you can take your TiVo with you to Will you be able to rewind your decision to leave when your place shuts down in two years?
  • Knock, knock
    (Who's there)
    ( who?)
  • To Ross (he's British) -- Remember when we kicked your ass in the Revolution, then saved your ass in WWI and WWII? Then you gave us Pet Shop Boys and Mr. Bean. Thanks. Even the French gave us the Statue of Liberty and tongue kisses ... I like your hair culdisac.
  • To EMack -- You’ve mentioned my new job is like me going from the NFL to the XFL. I think that makes you the LA/Oakland Raiders. Lots of lateral movement in the company and everyone hates you.
  • To Fazal -- You're a good guy. If all Muslims were like you -- lazy, slow and apathetic -- there'd be peace in the Middle East.
  • To Jamey -- I hope your fiancee Allison doesn't mind when you shove her out of the way to get solo time in your wedding video.
  • To Dave Richard -- YOU are to FUNNY what EMACK is to GOOD BREATH -- you don't have it ... Taco Bell called -- YOU WIN! ... Dave, that salad bar up there -- it's not just a big garnish.
Throughout my tenure here at SportsLine, I've always written down any great quotes that have come out of the mouths of my workmates (including some of my own poorly chose words). Jamey read off a bunch of them at my Roast. I'll print them as the day rolls on -- and until they kill my password on my computer.

Thanks to former SPLNer's
I've yet to thank a good group of old SportsLine guys that I've worked with and have now moved elsewhere. (I've already mentioned Tristan, Engel, Fabiano and Dobish -- and Alex Riethmiller's a good guy, but he works in a diff department now.) But former writers Matt Lawrence and Brian Flood occupied the same cube diagonally across from me at different times (and both wrote basketball). They were great to work with -- and even better to drink with.

Marc Bernstein, Lyle Skolnick and their leader Peter Pezarus are all toting the banner now, but they were all integral in the early success of the Commissioner product. Brett Tresky also works at Multiply now and I see him still for softball all the time. Great guy that takes a lot of abuse. Danny Kadoche has moved on to -- and he bought me wings Wednesday! Another SPLN softballer that has been a good friend through the years.

Thanks to current SPLNer's to come.

The SportsLine Top 10
It's been discussed for years, always evolving and rearranging, adding those that are new and removing those that move on. Here is the current listing, in alphabetical order:
  • Amber
  • Annette
  • April
  • Debbie
  • Erin F.
  • Jocelyn
  • Kate
  • Kira
  • Mary Ellen
  • Stacee
  • Suzanne
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The Emack ZONE!

The following is a page that was on AOL Hometown dating back to the late 90s. Emack posted this, for what reason we have no idea, and years later, I think it was Jake Payton that discovered it. After having it up in my cubes for years, I thought it was time to share it with my readers since I'm leaving the company on Friday. While reading this, imagine a dorky picture of young Emack, hair parted down the middle and feathered, with the caption, "Me at the ripe young age of 22." Please join me in making fun of his gayness.

The Emack ZONE!

Emack himself:
  • Name: Eric Mack
  • Age: 22
  • Currently living in sunny South Florida
  • staff editor
  • Syracuse University - B.S. Journalism
  • Monroe Community College A.A.S. Liberal Arts
  • Born and raised: Avon, New York (Home of the Braves baby!)
  • 5'8", 175 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes
What I'm into:
  • Softball, softball, softball
  • New York Mets
  • New York Giants
  • Syracuse Orangemen
OK, so I won't win any awards for originality. I threw this page together during a hang over one fine day. I try to get out, but unfortunately going out at night means I usually spend the day in front of this dumb ass computer. It's bad enough I work in front of a computer all day at SportsLine! But I am very proud of my job, and very passionate of my vices, particularly softball. Yeah man!

Thanks for stopping by!

I like boys.

OK, the last sentence might not be what Emack wrote, but the rest of what was written was verbatim off of his page.

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5 Days: Early East-Siiiiiiide SPLN Days

After five and a half years, about 31,250 player updates, and probably a couple hundred columns, I'm officially leaving after this Friday. I'm moving on with another opportunity ahead of me, but these last five days will give me ample time to reflect on my SportsLine days -- as well as the many people I've worked with.

I ran my own site in the early '00s and I made contacts with Scott Engel, Tristan Cockcroft and Michael Fabiano -- three of the original SPLN Fantasy content guys. Engel helped me get my foot in the door and eventually grab a seat to replace Marlon McRae, who had moved back to New York. Dan Dobish had taken a job with the group, about six months before me, to work nights and write the hockey content.

We worked on the east side of the building at that time, which was secluded away from everyone in the building. No one claimed us -- and we were happy about it. We were able to act however we wanted without worries about who was walking around the corner.

So I thought I'd offer up a review of some of the people that have worked here during my tenure. The following are the owners that worked with me on the East Side of the building.

Scott Engel was the first of all Fantasy content writers at SportsLine, dating back to the mid-'90s, writing both Fantasy Baseball and Football. He was also a KISS freak, to put it mildly. Whatever you do, don't accidentally mention that you like KISS or else he will give you an impromptu air guitar concert for the next hour. He actually dressed up like Ace Frehley frequently (I think he was in a KISS air tribute band -- seriously). He also sat extremely close to his monitor. And whenever he did his cataclysmic sneezes, Dobish would say, "Ya get speckles on your screen?"

Engel was a good guy with a good heart, but he and Fabiano just couldn't get along. Have you ever worked with people that argued every day? They were like that -- but we (Tristan, Dobish and myself) thought it was great comedy. Fabs, who isn't the tallest of Fantasy writer, was ripping into Engel one day, and he remarked that he needed some Tic-Tacs for his breath. To which Engel quipped, "At least I can't fit into a Tic-Tac box." That joke still stands among one of the best in the group's history. Dobish laughed for two hours after that argument.

Here are a couple excerpts that I wrote about Fabiano after his going-away party in July of 2006. "His metrosexually clean cube looked like a model cube we use as a showroom to sell other cubes. You know, like with fake furniture and the cardboard TV? Nothing but right angles and an anally clean desktop" ... "Fabiano likes (and I'm not kidding): Dallas Cowboys, N.Y. Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Notre Dame football, North Carolina basketball and Italy's World Cup team ('Dood, I'm Italian!') He likes all of these teams despite the following facts: He's not from New York or Los Angeles. He's not Irish. He's not from Tobacco Road and the last time he watched soccer might have been the first time. I also hear that he's also a big fan of the Roman Empire, the lions (vs. the Christians), big banking conglomerates, big brother (Orwell's not Julie Chen's) and gravity. I think the last underdog he rooted for was Jesus Christ -- but even then -- it's the son of God, how much of an underdog is that?"

I'm happy to say that Fabs and Engel don't hate each other anymore. They're both good guys that helped me through my early stages.

Speaking of helping me in my early stages, no one mentored me more than Tristan Cockcroft. From the first day I joined the group, he taught me how to do just about everything. Writing updates and columns isn't exactly rocket science, but he taught me some of the nuances of both. I always thought he would have been a great manager for the group, but he, along with Engel, ended up going to the worldwide leader in 2004.

Now, let's make fun of him. He had a large, bulbous head that could have been a Macy's Day parade balloon. And there were few things funnier than seeing him angry at something. He's such a good guy that when he got angry -- really angry -- about something, it was almost cartoon-like. He'd smash his fist on the table and stomp his feet. And the only thing that smelled worse than his farts was the coffee candle that he would open up to mask the smell of his recently released fart. The mix of aromas made it smell like Juan Valdez's bathroom.

"TIOTSTIOOOOONIAN" has since had a child with his lovely wife Marlaina -- and he still thinks Don Mattingly should be in the Hall of Fame. Emack and Tristan are the only two other baseball writers I've worked with at SportsLine, and I can honestly say they are the most knowledgeable baseball guys I've ever dealt with.

Dobish left SportsLine last fall. He was the guy I worked with the longest -- one of the last of the old group. When we started here, things were much different. We both worked weekends, and he worked nights to my days. Dobish and I were also the only two that were assigned all four Fantasy sports. Now, Sergio, Hurc and Ross are capable 4-sporters. While Dobish was easily the most cantankerous of the group, he was also one of the funniest. The day he left was one of the saddest for me at SportsLine. I still see him often because we play softball together, and I'm hoping it will be the same with Emack and Jamey once I leave here. Dobish pitches and I catch -- which means he'll one-bounce a pitch off the plate into my chin a couple times a night. When he's not walking in three runs a night, he's a pretty good softball guy.

So those four guys made up the Fantasy content group when I joined it. Our manager at the time was Mark Swanson, who I also hope to keep in touch with down the road. Our weekly staff meetings would have made for a great webcam show. Swanny would come in and tell us what we needed to know from a content standpoint, then we'd discuss assignments and things we'd like to write about. We'd each chip in thoughts and ideas for the other sports in a roundtable discussion. At some point, Engel would do an impression of someone, Fabs would make fun of Engel, Tristan would look at me and shake his head, and Dobish would make an off-color comment. It was the circle of Fantasy life. Then Swanny would go around the table and ask anyone if they had something to say, and I'd wrap the meeting up with interesting quotes made throughout the week by everyone. So I thought I'd wrap up this blog in that same tradition. The quotes below are from the early days -- and I had to cut a bunch of them to make this a relatively clean blog.

Early SportsLine Quotes
  • Dobish: "Hey, this is the first time I've ever eaten a pickle on Christmas Day!"
  • Dobish: "I wish I had a urinal in my bedroom."
  • Gonos to Dobish: "Hey, your mom wants you to give her a call."
  • Dobish: "I'm going home to get me some sausage -- that's the highlight of my Friday night."
  • Fabiano: "Dood, play something cool like Hall & Oates!"
  • Engel's Thai order every time: "L3 Beef, No Vegetables."
  • Dobish to Tristan: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever dude, I just farted in your cube."
  • Fabiano: "Gonos won his wife in a cheeseburger-eating contest."
  • Dobish: "So I was talking to my racist uncle the other day ..."
  • Fabiano to Engel: "You eat Snicker-bar salads."
  • Dobish: "I don't believe in people having names like Jonathan Johnson, or names that rhyme."
  • Fabiano: "The 49er's used to have a burrito for a mascot?" (after reading they once had a burro as a mascot.)
  • Dobish: "You know me, I love a midget."
  • Engel's Subway order every time: "Foot-long white, with salami, tomatoes and mustard. That's it."
  • Dobish: "I wake up in the morning and have a little poll with myself ..."
  • Fabiano: "Man, I could go for a hot teabag!"
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Week 10 Tout Wars FAAB Bids

Mixed Tout Wars FAAB for Week 10
AL Tout Wars FAAB
NL Tout Wars FAAB
  • Russell Branyan: Hertz 29 (Hertz 29, Van Riper 11, Walton 9, Wilderman 6, Colton/Wolf 2)
  • Seth Smith: Becker 19 (Becker 19, Kreutzer 15, Lombardo 15, Pianowski 10, Collette 8, Leibowitz 8, Walton 6, Colton/Wolf 6, Wilderman 5)
  • Josh Fogg: Van Riper 0 (Van Riper 0)
  • Joe Mather: Kreutzer 11 (Kreutzer 11, Wilderman 8, Becker 0)
  • Cha Seung Baek: Wilderman 3 (Wilderman 3)
  • Neal Cotts: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0)
  • Joe Smith: Colton/Wolf 0 (Colton/Wolf 0, Leibowitz 0)
  • Nick Evans: Kreutzer 8 (Kreutzer 8, Leibowitz 5, Colton/Wolf 1, Becker 0)
  • Adam Eaton: Walton 6 (Walton 6, Kreutzer 3)
  • Doug Waechter: Walton 0 (Walton 0)
  • Josh Banks: Kreutzer 3 (Kreutzer 3, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Brian Moehler: Kreutzer 0 (Kreutzer 0, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Cory Sullivan: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Michael Wuertz: Colton/Wolf 0 (Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Joe Nelson: Collette 1 (Collette 1)
  • T.J. Bohn: Lombardo 6 (Lombardo 6)
  • Craig Counsell: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0)
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Week 10 Start 'em and Sit 'em

Good team starts
  • Philadelphia -- 7 G, 4 at home vs. CIN
  • Texas -- 7 home games, CLE, TB
  • Oakland -- 6 home games, DET, LAA
  • Boston -- 7 G, 6 home games
  • Atlanta -- 7 home games, FLA, PHI
  • L.A. Dodgers -- 7 home games, COL, CHC
Bad team starts
  • L.A. Angels -- 6 road games, @SEA, @OAK
  • Tampa Bay -- 6 road games, @BOS, @TEX
  • Kansas City -- 6 road games, @CHW, @NYY
  • San Diego --7 g, vs. CHC, 4vs. NYM
  • Arizona -- 6 road games, @MIL, @PIT, 25th in road scoring
  • Pittsburgh -- 6 home games, HOU, ARI
  • Cincinnati -- 7 road games, PHI, FLA
  • Chicago Cubs -- 7 road games, SD, LAD
Good Player Starts
  • C Miguel Olivo, KC: Seeing most of the starts in KC, 11 RBI in May.
  • 1B Jason Giambi, NYY: Eligible at 1B and batting over .400 in the past two weeks.
  • 2B Alexi Casilla, MIN: Only Ian Kinsler and Chase Utley have more RBI at this position since May 15.
  • SS Bobby Crosby, OAK: He has 17 RBI in 30 home games this season -- and he has six home games this week.
  • 3B Evan Longoria, TB: Leads third basemen in RBI (13) since mid-May.
  • OF David Murphy, TEX: The other top AL rookie hitter is batting over .300 recently, and he has an RBI in nine of his past 13 games.
Bad Player Starts
  • C A.J. Pierzynski, CHW: After batting .300 in April, he's hitting just .250 in May, without any homers.
  • 1B Both White Sox first basemen: Nick Swisher and Paul Konerko have six RBI between them over the past couple weeks, hitting around .200 combined. Sure, Konerko homered Thursday, but it was his first since late April.
  • 2B Aaron Hill, TOR: After banging heads in a collision on Thursday, Hill is questionable for the weekend, and he has just two RBI in recent weeks anyway.
  • SS Julio Lugo, BOS: Just one stolen base since mid-May, and he's batting under .260 in that span.
  • 3B Aubrey Huff, BAL: Six road games ahead, along with Monday's start at home vs. knuckleballer Tim Wakefield.
  • OF Luke Scott, BAL: The other former-Astro-turned-Oriole is dealing with Achilles', knee and hamstring problems -- as well as a sub-.200 average
Good Player Starts
  • C Jesus Flores, WAS: Still has a couple weeks with the job until Paul Lo Duca and Johnny Estrada return from injury. Flores has hit safely in 10 of 14 games since starting. Owned in just 7 pct.
  • 1B Adam LaRoche, PIT: Has six home games and he's hitting .320 over past two weeks.
  • 2B Kelly Johnson, ATL: After slumping in recent weeks, he's batting around .340 in his past 40-plus at-bats.
  • SS Cristian Guzman, WAS: Getting a ton of extra-base hits and only Michael Young is scoring more lately among shortstops.
  • 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, SD: Leads third basemen in homers in the past couple weeks, and he has five bombs in his past seven games. He also has seven home games ahead (only one of his homer runs this year have come on the road).
  • OF Shane Victorino, PHI: Six steals recently, along with a 10-game hitting streak.
Bad Player Starts
  • C J. R. Towles, HOU: Batting below .100 in May, with just four hits in 17 games.
  • 1B Mike Jacobs, FLA: He has four games against the Braves pitching, and he's batting under .230 over the past couple weeks.
  • 2B Felipe Lopez, WAS: No homers, no RBI and a sub-.200 batting average since May 15.
  • SS Stephen Drew, ARI: Streaky hitter this season, on the downswing now with six road games ahead.
  • 3B Edwin Encarnacion, CIN: Struggling at the plate and he has seven games away from Great American Ball park this week.
  • OF Kosuke Fukudome, CHC: Hitting under .240 in recent weeks, and the Cubs are at San Diego and Los Angeles this week. He's batting just .207 away from Wrigley
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Thursday's Must-See Bloggy

While sipping on your morning protein shake, here are the top 10 things you need to know about for Your Morning Constitutional:
  1. Dice-K's next start in jeopardy: Daisuke Matsuzaka left for Boston Wednesday to get an MRI on his fatigued pitching shoulder. Manager Terry Francona has not ruled him out for Monday's start at Baltimore. There's a day off in there, so the Red Sox could juggle the rotation a bit, according to The Boston Globe. Tim Wakefield could start Monday, and Justin Masterson had his debut at Triple-A Pawtucket moved up from Saturday to Thursday, which would put him in line to start Tuesday against the Rays.
  2. Pedro could return next week: Pedro Martinez threw six solid innings in a Class A rehab start for Port St. Lucie on Wednesday. The hamstring injury is behind him and he's just building up strength at this point. He gave up two runs on four hits (82 pitches), with six strikeouts and no walks.
  3. Pedro who!?!?!? David Price outpitches Mets' superstar: The Rays' No. 1 overall pick from 2007 threw six scoreless innings for Class A Vero Beach against Pedro Martinez's Port St. Lucie team. Price has now thrown 11 consecutive shutout innings to start his pro career. He allowed two hits and one walk -- and nine strikeouts. "I want (Pedro) to go home and one day tell his grandchildren about me," Price said. You have to like that!
  4. Celtics win again at home, Rip questionable for Game 6: The Celtics went up 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals after Ray Allen dropped 29 on the Pistons. And now Richard Hamilton has an elbow injury that puts his start back in Detroit in question. Kevin McHale is still counting the bolts in Boston.
  5. Crosby scores first two goals of Cup career, Penguins win: The Pens do their best to make this Stanley Cup Finals interesting, and they finally score a goal against G Chris Osgood (6-1 in Finals history). Sidney Crosby scores his first goals to get his Stanley Cup career going. Pittsburgh is 9-0 at home, but the Red Wings are now 14-2 in their past 16 Finals games.
  6. Johan Franzen scores 13th goal of postseason: The Wings center leads all scorers in the playoffs. My question is, where does the 28-year-old Swede get drafted in Fantasy play next season? He'll be entering his fourth season in the NHL, coming off a career year (27 G, 11 A, 14 PPG). Going into this past season, he was the 44th center drafted on average and he ended the season owned on only 44 percent of Fantasy Hockey leagues. From March 2 to the end of the regular season, he has 20 points (15 G, 5 A, 7 PPG). Only Alex Ovechkin scored more goals than him in that span, and only six players had more points. Franzen could be a sleeper pick that could drop to the third round of a 12-team draft.
  7. Royals suck and blow: The former is for their 10th consecutive loss Wednesday, and the latter is for blowing a five-run lead with two outs in the ninth inning. Then they make sure they keep Joel Peralta in -- after he gave up the tying homer to Craig Monroe in the ninth -- so he can give up the go-ahead homer to Morneau on the first pitch of the 10th.
  8. Fernando Tatis hits game-winning double for Mets: Tatis hit a two-run double in the bottom of the 12th to beat the Marlins. He has been out of baseball for two seasons and he's already stealing headlines from the high-paid disappointments in the field. If you recall, Tatis hit 34 homers for the Cardinals in '99 before taking a step back in '00. Then the Cardinals traded him in the spring of 2001 to Montreal to make room at third base for a prospect named Albert Pujols.
  9. Michael Cuddyer interview this afternoon: Things I plan on asking the Twins RF for today's podcast: 1. After a breakout '06, along with MVP Morneau and batting champ Mauer, he fell off in '07. What's tougher: establishing himself or maintaining? 2. He went to the same high school as the Upton brothers, who he's still friends with -- which one will have the better career? 3. He was drafted in a great OF class of '97 (Berkman, J.D. Drew, V. Wells), but he was drafted as a shortstop. When can we get five games played there for Fantasy eligibility?
  10. Cody Ross wins Fantasy POD for Wednesday: Thought about giving it to Jose Reyes for his 2-for-5, HR, SB evening, but Ross likely helped his owners more, with two homers and four RBI against Reyes' Mets. Ross has a fireplug body, with a scary Xavier from X-Men head. He now has nine homers -- just four away from the career high 13 he hit two seasons ago, but the .202 batting average (and just 18 RBI) in part-time work hurts his value. Although, he's only owned in three percent of leagues -- which I'm going to guess is the lowest number of any player with nine home runs in the majors.

The interview with Cuddyer went very well -- super knowledgeable guy that understands why Fantasy owners would listen to an interview with him. But from now on, in the office, he's known as Michael Cuddeeay.
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Back to Work, Slackers!

While eating your 2-Sausage McGriddle sandwiches for $2 (I've been meaning to talk to you about your diet lately), here's what you need to know after a long Memorial Day Weekend:
  1. Jay Bruce IS HERE! JAY BRUCE IS HERE!: Finally, after nearly two months of starting guys like Geoff Jenkins, Scott Hairston and Alfredo Amezaga in your Fantasy outfield, Jay Bruce can come off of your bench to start. The Reds are expected to call him up sometime Tuesday for his major league debut against the Pirates at Great American Ball Park. He hit .349 with nine doubles, five triples, 10 homers and 37 RBI in 49 games at Triple-A Louisville this season. His ownership is still just at 63 percent -- up from 55 percent a couple days ago.
  2. Clayton Kershaw IS HERE! CLAYTON KERSHAW IS HERE!: The Dodgers' young lefty struck out seven batters in six innings against the Cardinals on Sunday. He was the sixth pick of the '06 draft behind Andrew Miller and Brandon Morrow. Actually, seven of the top 10 picks in that draft are currently in the majors already. Only Pirates (4th) P Brad Lincoln  (Tommy John surgery), Reds (8th) OF Drew Stubbs and Orioles (9th) 3B Billy Rowell have yet to make their debuts. (Max Scherzer (11th) and Ian Kennedy (21st) have also arrived.)
  3. Willie Randolph still has a job: After meeting with the Wilpons, the Mets will continue to be managed by the former Yankees second baseman. Then the Marlins beat Randolph's Mets at Shea Stadium. Jose B. Reyes cranked out a pair of homers and didn't cost his team a win in the field -- so that's progression. The Mets are five games below .500 since June 1 of last season.
  4. Jeff Garcia is unhappy, but won't hold out: The Bucs offensive MVP last season said he won't hold out a day from training camp. It's possible the Bucs will franchise tag him if they don't come to contract agreement. Earnest Graham, meanwhile, continues to miss the team's OTA workouts. With Warrick Dunn in camp, you'd think Graham would want to get back and make a claim on the job -- then again, it's still just Warrick Dunn.
  5. Carlos Pena takes Fantasy Player of the Weekend honors: In the four games from Friday through Monday, Pena hit .727 with a home run, seven RBI and four runs scored. His teammates B.J. Upton (.571) and Evan Longoria (2 HR, 7 RBI) looked pretty good too.
  6. Syracuse beats Johns Hopkins for NCAA lacrosse title: This is the Orange's record 10th men's lacrosse championship, which makes them like the Yankees/Celtics/Canadiens of lacrosse ... which means people hate them. Trivia! Who is the only NFL Hall of Famer that is also in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame?
  7. Pair of Jays keep relievers well rested: On Friday, Roy Halladay threw a complete game against the Royals. Then on Saturday, Jesse Litsch followed suit with his own complete game against Kansas City. But the relievers threw four combined innings on their Nintedo Wii in the bullpen.
  8. Red Wings go up 2-0 in Stanley Cup Finals: As much as the Sidney Crosby fans (including myself) had hoped to see a great finals, the Wings are treating the Pens like a little brother that borrowed his Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti album without asking. Red Wings - six goals. Penguins -- zero goals. G Chris Osgood hasn't allowed a goal in 137 minutes and 33 seconds ... and counting.
  9. Antonio McDyess, of all people, puts Detroit on his back for series-tying win: McDyess -- the guy that was drafted by Denver, eventually traded to the Knicks in a deal for Marcus Camby and Nene in a draft day deal in 2002, and hasn't scored over 10 ppg since that deal -- scores 21 points to tie the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  10. Some guy wins the Indy 500: Scott Dixon takes the checkered flag for his first Indy 500 win -- and even NASCAR fans yawned.
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Memorial Day Baseball Lineup

A reader (ChicagoRokstar) asked me to run a list of the best baseball players to ever serve in the military. Things I noticed while looking this up -- lots of pilots and Cardinals. Makes sense! Here's a quick list of what I came up with:

  • C Yogi Berra, Yankees (Navy)
  • 1B Hank Greenberg, Tigers (Air Force)
  • 2B Jackie Robinson, Dodgers (Army)
  • SS Red Schoendienst, Cardinals (played mostly 2B, Army)
  • OF Ted Williams, Red Sox (Navy, was baseball's longest-serving military soldier, served in two wars, missing 1943-45 and parts of the 1952-53 seasons because of the Korean War.)
  • OF Joe DiMaggio, Yankees (Air Force)
  • OF Stan Musial, Cardinals (Navy)
  • OF Enos Slaughter, Cardinals (Air Force)
  • SP Warren Spahn, Braves (Combat engineer) Battle of the Bulge, only player to earn a battlefield commission as second lieutenant. He holds the National League record for most career home runs by a pitcher with 35!)
  • SP Dizzy Dean, Cardinals (Army)
  • SP Bob Feller, Indians (Navy)
  • SP Hoyt Wilhelm, Orioles (Army)
  • SP Leon Day, Newark Eagles -- HOF Negro Leagues star
Abner Doubleday -- (Army, Graduated from West Point, fought in the Seminole and Mexican Wars.)
Morgan Bulkeley -- (Fought in the Civil War, in HOF as NL president.)

Notice I couldn't come up with a third baseman. I'm going to say we either put Slaughter there -- or just put Pat Tillman at third base. He would have been tough enough for the hot corner I'm thinking.

Here are some pretty interesting links to check out:
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