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Mondays are always a little off

Woke up late this morning, scrambled around to clean my house in preparation of a visit from my mother. This should be an interesting week. I'm off on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, spending time with her as we head to a Chess Convention. Yeah, you read that part right. My step-father was an avid chess set collector before he died last Fall and we're going to West Palm Beach this week to auction off some of his sets at this international convention.

Chess is almost like sports. Different positions. Strategy. Two teams of players. Turf war. Here's something I learned -- the markings on each piece explain their movements. A bishop has the diagonal cut into it's top, meaning it goes diagonal. A knight has the L-shaped head. The queen has a multi-pointed crown, showing that it can go anywhere ... You still awake?

Anyway, so I have to give a little speech about my step-dad Ralph Kent (he was a senior cartoonist with Disney for 40 years and people collect stuff with his name on it), so they want me to kinda talk about his life as an animator -- and avid chess set collector. Whaaa? I'm thinking about dropping in a story about the nun, the prostitute and the tax collector stuck in a boat, but something tells me this crowd won't be up for it.

Emack and I did video this afternoon together for the first time since Week 1. That was fun. We were laughing for about 10 minutes before the video started because I was planning on making fun of one of the emailer's names (Mr. Feig), but I didn't think I could do it without us laughing for another 10 minutes and having to reshoot. I also came very close to making Emack say, "I think Barry Zito is sexy." You'll have to check it out to understand.

This past weekend, I went to Dwyne's for an NFL Draft party, made my mango salsa -- it was a big hit! Use Tostitos Scoops to dip:
  • 2 mangos (diced)
  • 1 red pepper (diced)
  • 2 jalapenos (minced)
  • 1 red onion (diced)
  • 1 cucumber (diced)
  • 1/4 cup cilantro (chopped)
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
The draft party was fun -- but my Bucs broke my heart like they usually do. Why we took CB Aqib Talib at No. 20 -- I have no idea. I was hoping for Devin Thomas there, then again, with the second round pick, the Bucs went to WR Dexter Jackson of Appalachian State. He was the best wide receiver available? Please. Jon Gruden (Bruce Allen's puppetmaster) is a horrible drafter. It's almost a curse that he did well this past season because I wouldn't have minded seeing this offensive genius take a walk.
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The Sun is Evil

Just got back from fishing on Sunday on Lake Okeechobee with my brother and my two nephews. I'm a bright shade of pink -- as you'll see once today's video gets posted. Maybe I can get Weisberg to adjust the colors and just make me a nice tan. My knees feel like I rested a hot frying pan on them for 12 minutes. I have one of those cool raccoon sunburn lines from where my sunglasses sat on my bulbous head. The tops of my feet -- except for where my flip-flops were -- are burned this color at the moment.

While I get Amber Wilson -- or Dave Richard, whichever one is more willing -- to rub aloe all over me, I'll peruse the newspapers for baseball news.

David Ortiz is expected to play Monday night at Cleveland after getting a much-needed day off from his 0-for-17 slump. The fact that the Red Sox were able to beat the Yankees helps this news get shrugged off a little more. Had Phil Hughes won this game 5-2, I think there would be a little more debating. The Boston Herald notes that this slump matches the longest of his career with the Red Sox. He went 0-for-17 from Aug. 16-21, 2004. With Minnesota, he went 0-for-27 from Sept. 26, 1998 to April 4, 2000, including 10 at-bats in 1999.

Johnny Damon's stolen base was the first for the Yankees all season (12 games), which is the longest they've gone without one to start a season dating back to 1946. I bring this up again because I think it's a little indicative of this aging core of hitters in this lineup. A decade ago, this team was full of veteran pitchers and young hitters. It's the complete opposite this season, which is one of my major reasons for expecting their string of playoff appearances to end this year.

The Baltimore Sun's Roch Kubatko, one of our favorite beat writers, points out that Adam Jones is just overmatched at the plate right now. Teams will continue to feed him breaking balls until he proves he can hit them with authority. My favorite point from this blog was that Adam Jones would still be in Triple-A if he was with a contender. Supposedly the kid takes instruction well and he has the proper attitude. That's a great sign for his future, considering he's not even close to being the five-tool star he was labeled as, but my question is, how long will the Orioles allow him to hit in the majors until his confidence is beaten to a pulp. He had a four-game hit streak this week, but no RBI. I expect as long as he continues to show some progress, he'll stick. He struck out four times Sunday.

Tools of Ignorance takes on a new meaning
J.R. Towles' X-Rays on his hand came back negative, according to the Houston Chronicle, and he's questionable for Tuesday's game at Philadelphia. If he can't go, the Astros will go back to Brad Ausmus or possibly call-up and start Humberto Quintero.

Towles was hit in the hand by another pitch. He has been hit three times now -- second only to David Eckstein for the league lead. He said he does not intend to wear any protective gear. That's not what you want to hear coming from your Fantasy catcher's mouth -- especially one with three homers already. He's going to get his share of nicks and dings because he's already playing a painful position. Now he's crowding the plate and refusing to a) take a hint and b) wear an elbow pad. Once he comes back and continues to hit with power, I think this kind of news is enough to make me trade him. Seriously. As a rookie catcher, you better expect ups and downs anyway, but if you can get good value for him now, there is probably a decent replacement on the waiver wire for him as we speak. You likely grabbed him as your No. 2 catcher, so finding another No. 2 catcher shouldn't be too tough, considering little is asked of them.
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