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Posted on: March 6, 2008 9:52 am
Edited on: March 7, 2008 4:52 pm

Baseball Magazine Leftovers

You might have noticed, if you bought this year's copy of our Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide and Owners Manual, that we eliminated a few things we didn't think people cared about. One was my backpage fluff piece that usually had a good amount of humor and tackled some Fantasy history. I found out last month that the '07 column that I wrote was nominated for Best Fantasy Baseball Article in Print. Secondly, we took out our plus-minus charts for each position indicating which players were good (or bad) at which Rotisserie categories. Since the magazine has been out, we've been inundated with complaints over the absence of those charts. To be honest, we just didn't get much feedback on either item, so we didn't think eliminating them would be a bad idea. So Madden wants to amend that -- and I'm going to go through and sort those charts this afternoon, so at least we can post them online for readers. It's not in the magazine, but at least you can still print them!

Items of interest we might chat about on today's podcast:
  • Why Spring Training Numbers Can Be Evil: Your MLB co-leader in RBI so far this spring is one Mr. John Lindsey, of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 13-year minor-league first baseman has eight RBI and a whole lot of attention early on. Don't worry James Loney owners, he's not going to replace him anytime soon. He reminds me of Brian Manning, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver that went nuts in preseason in the mid-90s, only to never be heard from again. Lindsey might actually join the club at some point this season, but his Fantasy value is extremely limited right now.
  • Bartolo Colon is getting closer!!!: His spring debut is scheduled for March 15 and his bullpen sessions are coming along nicely. This is a case of a player whose hype is building enough that I'm beginning to target him a little earlier and earlier each week.
  • Rocco Baldelli, Update No. 639: Instead of playing in the outfield this weekend, the Rays have decided to wait a little bit and keep him at DH at least once more. Manager Joe Maddon has mentioned that he's hoping to get nine innings out of him this spring before the games count. So he'll have one game under his belt come April. Something tells me his timing will be off early in the season, even if he does stay healthy. Remember that -- if he starts slow, target him in a trade..
One thing I've noticed when reading many of the baseball blogs across the worldwide web -- (who calls it that anymore? And who says, "surfing the net"?) Anyway -- baseball writers continue to let their readers know what they're listening to on their iPods. And at the end of their blog, they drop the lyrics of an entire song in there. Apparently, most baseball beat writers are former anti-establishment-types that grew up on punk rock, dealing with rough life on the mean streets of London in the late '70s. They officially pass me on the pathetic scale from when I used to listen to The Beastie Boys in the mid-80s, thinking I was living on the edge cuz I knew the words (Eatin' Colonel's chicken, drinkin' Heineken brew!)
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