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Posted on: January 16, 2008 2:42 pm
Edited on: February 23, 2008 8:07 pm

It's Wacky Wednesday!

This morning/afternoon, I've been working on Team Outlooks. I also set up my schedule for what I'm going to be working on up until spring training. Here's a quick preview of my To-Do-List over the next six weeks:
  • Team Outlooks: AL East, NL East (minus Atlanta, plus the Cubs -- Scott Eugene White is a Braves fan, so I swapped with him).
  • Make fun of Dave Richard.
  • Number Crunching Columns: Steals (complete!), Homers, Wins/IP, Saves.
  • Shower.
  • Busts Column: In my head right now? Jorge Posada, Carlos Pena, Brian Roberts, Edgar Renteria, Kelvim Escobar.
  • Get the FLEX Mixed, BIGS AL and BIGS NL Head-to-Head leagues rolling.
  • Ignore Emack.
  • Keepers Column
  • Stadium Analysis
  • Quirky Leagues
  • Draft Strategies: Roto, H2H, Auction
  • Make fun of how Scott White talks.
  • Refine impression of Mihai, our new Fantasy Hockey writer. "Dave Richard ... S'funny guy." All I got so far.
  • Explain to Mihai that Dave Richard is neither funny, nor a guy.
We just got back from lunch. Emack brought back a single chicken wing to eat later. Who does that? Eisenberg already noted that he'll likely have wing sauce on his face later tonight, with just one wing.

Wacky Wednesdays means softball is on the docket tonight, with flag football after that. Paramedics will be standing by to give me oxygen, a BBQ sauce IV and six Oreo cookies. I'm playing catcher. That's so sad to say in softball. I played high school baseball (catcher actually) yet they have me at catcher in softball. That's just means I'm one guy away from being the hot dog vendor. Meanwhile, our manager (Tresky) plays first base like he spells -- with plenty of errors. I think he's allergic to the ball and "i-before-e" rules.

In football, I play center and Emack's quarterbacking tonight. He has already asked if he can forego the shotgun and take snaps directly under center. I said yes, and now I feel dirty. We play the best team (best offense, best defense) in the league tonight. We have a 1-5 record or something equally Dolphins-like.

I haven't been joining the boys for Bru's Room wings lately. I'll have to step up tonight.
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