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Your Morning Constitutional

I believe your order was two scrambled eggs (not dry), with four slabs of crisp bacon, some thick-cut home fries, two slices of buttered rye toast, a cup of diner coffee, and large glass of orange juice (from concentrate unfortunately).

  1. I knew "The Daily Dose" had a good ring to it: Saw yesterday that another site uses that for its morning column. I prolly stole it. So I figure, you're likely reading this after your first trip to the can anyway (bacon and coffee does it to me too). I'm changing it to "The Morning Constitutional."
  2. Mariano Rivera's perfect season is officially ruined: The Yankees' future HOF closer allows his first earned run of the season to the Rays in extra innings Tuesday. In a season where closers are shakier than the office chair I'm close to breaking, it's been great to see Mo pitch this good in the first six weeks. (Oh yeah, and Troy Percival blew the save ... whatever.)
  3. The Rays are YOUR AL East leaders almost one quarter of the way through the season: In Tuesday's 11th inning, Jonny Gomes came on to pinch run for Cliff Floyd (Floyd is making it hard for me to continue to not like him) and then Gomes stole his third base in two games (what?), to get into scoring position for Gabe Gross' game-winning single. Gomes, Floyd and Gross combined to help the Rays to their 11th-straight win at Tropicana Field. But completing their fourth sweep in a row will be tough -- it's a four-game series against the Bombers. Tampa Bay has the best record in baseball over the past 19 games (14-5).
  4. Who are the two hottest teams outside of the state of Florida? The Houston Astros and Shermboat19's Texas Rangers. Houston is 8-2 in their past 10. And along with the Rays and Marlins, the Rangers have now won seven of their past 10 games, including last night's 5-2 win over Seattle. Has anyone else noticed that Gerald Laird is finally starting to hit like we hoped he would? He's batting .275 right now, which is up from .207 as late as April 20 -- just 13 games. He has 18 hits in 51 at-bats (.353) with 16 runs scored in that span. Lock him up! He's only owned in 18 percent of Fantasy leagues!
  5. Rocco Baldelli takes BP Tuesday: I know you're sick of reading about the Rays, but I found this point interesting. His body fatigue wasn't enough to sideline my favorite player, he even had an infection in his leg. My take -- it was probably from bed sores. COME ON, ROCCO! Man up!
  6. The Red Wings and Penguins are up 3-0 in the conference finals: Can't we just skip right to the Cup Finals?
  7. Great Scott! Luke Scott hits his second homer of the season Tuesday for Fantasy POD honors: He took Josh Beckett deep, which probably hurt more owners than it helped. Scott is batting .281 on the season, but we thought he'd be exhibiting much more power at this stage.
  8. Ross Devonport's New Orleans Hornets are now up 3-2 against the Spurs: Both teams are undefeated at home in the playoffs -- and it's heading back to San Antonio. Devonport is one of our Fantasy writers. He's British, worked for the Double-A Tennessee Smokies, roots for the Hornets and is a devout Florida Atlantic fan. Weird. He also won Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year from the FSTA this year. Another cool thing -- he lent me a DVD series called, "Little Britain" -- it's a BBC sketch comedy show. QUITE FUNNY! Here's a link to one of their skits.
  9. My favorite Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Edinson Volquez, runs record to 6-1 on the season: He allowed just one earned run in six innings against the Marlins Tuesday. He has 34 strikeouts in his past four games, he's second to Cliff Lee in the majors with a 1.12 ERA, and his 57 strikeouts for the year lead the majors. I LIKE! I LIKE!
  10. Oh yeah, and the Patriots cheated.
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Things I Think About on the Can ...

Surreal moment of the week
A few minutes ago, I heard Dave Richard and Emack talking to a few people at the end of our row. And it sounded like they were being introduced. Well, over the past two weeks, we've had at least six people come through the area (new employees, potential employees, new columnists) and get introduced to us. So I'm knee-deep looking at stats, getting ready to write my column and shaking hands and yutzing around for five minutes tends to break my concentration, so I was kinda hoping they'd just move along. (I'm a jerk like that.) Then I heard Richard introduce Sergio, who sits across from me, and I realized I'm going to have to turn around or I'll look like the jerk I am.

I get up and look -- and it's Lawrence Taylor. THE Lawrence Taylor. So he's looking at Emack's desk and checking out his own Topps football card from the early 80s, and we're all just kinda staring at him like kids. It's weird. I've seen many -- MANY -- athletes in person through the years, whether it's from spring training or even just out to dinner in Tampa/Orlando or South Florida. Heck, I even ran into L.T. in 1995 in New York and said Hi. I don't really get starstruck often. But when you see him in your work environment -- it's very weird. (Sergio and Emack are die-hard Giants fans.) Sergio was just standing there in shock -- Emack I think asked him to sign his boob. It was strange. Finally, his handler moved him on down the hallway before I asked him on a date.

After he walked by, we were all just kinda looking at each other in shock. Then Emack said he should ask him to join our flag football team.

Email I received from JOE at 4pm Monday: Johnny Cueto -- What do I do with this bum? Do I drop him or keep him? Dear JOE, I assume you have changed your tune after Cueto's quality start last night (eight strikeouts) against the Cubs. Should I expect an email today asking if you should decline a trade of Jake Peavy for Cueto straight up? Johnny Rocket is a rookie pitcher. He's 22 years old. He's pitching in the best hitter's park in the league, yet he has a sub-4.00 ERA there. Give the kid some credit, but realize -- he's still young. Inconsistent starts should be expected -- especially in the next few months when teams start seeing him for the second and third time. He's striking out a batter per inning, and his 41 Ks tie him for eight in the majors -- and his control has been outstanding.

Do they call it "American Cheese" in France? Or is it just, "Le Crappy Fromage"? And do the Swiss just call their cheese, "Cheese" or do they refer to it like how we still say "American Cheese," despite the fact we live in America?

Why do they even make flat-head screwdrivers and screws anymore? Didn't we solve that issue? You don't still see companies making 8-track tapes, TRS-80s and Pong games.

How impressive is Geovany Soto's rookie season so far? Most of you know about my man-crush on catchers in baseball, not-so-much Fantasy Baseball, but I do appreciate what a catcher goes through in every inning of every game. He's asked to do more than any other player on the field -- and he has to wear a mask that keeps people from even knowing what he looks like. Soto is currently leading all Head-to-Head hitters over the past seven days with a .462 batting average, three homers, 10 RBI and seven runs scored. This seven-day span started one day after his eight-strikeout pair of games at Washington. He is now leading all catchers for the season in Head-to-Head points, with a .352 average, six homers, 24 RBI and 16 runs scored. His 13 doubles are three more than any other catcher, and he leads his position in batting average, homers, RBI and total hits ... This guy's good.
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Manic Mondays

I have video this afternoon (something I never look forward to, especially since I look like I ate Amber Wilson before going on air), and we have to churn out as many updates as possible before 12:30 or so since the Cubs play at Pittsburgh at 1p.m. Owners need info before deadline time, so set your lineups ASAP -- then check back around noon for any last-minute changes.

Here's how the Mixed Tout Wars FAAB went down (we have a Friday, 5pm deadline for bids):
  • Jon Rauch - Schechter $23, Ma $4, Gonos $4, Hoyos $3 - $5 to Schechter
  • Mark Lowe - Petera $12 - $1 to Petera
  • Carlos Silva - Hoyos $19, Petera $1 - $2 to Hoyos
  • Ryan Dempster - Hoyos $19, - $1 to Hoyos
  • Joe Saunders - Cushing $16, Petera $1 - 2 to cushing
  • Scott Hairston - Cushing $6 - $1 to cushing
  • John Buck - Kastner $6 - $1 Kastner
  • David Riske - Salfino $5 - $1 Salfino
  • Jake Westbrook - Ma $5 - $1 Ma
  • Jeff Keppinger - Cushing $4 - $1 Cushing
  • Xavier Nady - Gonos $7, Kastner $4 - $5 Gonos (Spending $5 wasn't what I was hoping for, but considering the fact I had Travis Buck in there for Week 1 because I had to reserve my normal DH (Evan Longoria), Nady is a nice addition. Plus, since our scoring periods begin on Saturdays, Nady's homer on Saturday counted -- sweet!
  • Angel Pagan - $3 Hoyos - $1 Hoyos
  • Todd Wellemeyer - Ma $1
  • Garrett Anderson - Hoyos $3, Kastner $1 - $2 Hoyos
  • Geoff Jenkins - Kastner $0
Here are the links to the three Tout Wars leagues:
I'm in first place by a chunk right now in the mixed league, powered mostly by my ... power hitters and my starting pitchers. I'm still woefully inept in speed and saves although it's so early right now that I'm in the middle of the pack in those categories. Hindsight: I hate Brendan Roberts of ESPN now. I looked back at our auction/draft results and he picked Carlos Gomez before my two picks (wraparound 1st/2nd rounds). Obviously, I had no idea he'd break out like he has or I would have bid on him in the auction ... but still. I hate him.

Nicknaming the Reds' Dominican Dandies
In today's Cincinnati Enquirer, the writer, along with some readers at the bottom, were trying to come up with some nicknames for Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez, both of whom had great starts to their seasons this past week. Johnny K-ueto and Edinson High Voltage Volquez were mentioned by the writers, whereas one commenter said, "I like 'Johnny Machete' because he slices up the bats ... and I think that 'Cueto' means 'to cut' in Spanish."

First of all, Johnny Machete? Not good. Secondly, "to cut" in Spanish is "cortar," according to Sergio Gonzalez, our resident Latino. Speaking of which, if we did horrible commercials about Fantasy Baseball using soap opera stars, we'd use Sergio for our telenovelas. Finally, "cuete" in Spanish is "rocket," according to Sergio.

So there you have it -- Johnny Cueto is the Spanish Rocket! Now, we just hope he's not taking los steroidos en la cola!
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The Day After

Tout Wars adds a ringer!?!
Jeff Ma, who joined Tout Wars for his first season of action, comes from ProTrade.com, which is a sports stock market website. He also happens to be the character that the movie "21" is based around. The movie "21" is based on the book, "Bringing Down the House," which is about six MIT graduates that go to Vegas and run the blackjack tables by counting cards. Kevin Spacey plays Kaiser Soze.

Next thing I hear is that Brandon Funston is actually just a robot with the supercomputer, Big Blue, telling him what to do.

By the way, here are the links to the Tout Wars standings! On these pages, you'll also find links to the rosters and transactions.
Opening Day II: The Sequel After working a loooooong Opening Day that ended with Jake Peavy's excellent outing at Petco Park (seven scoreless innings, three hits, two RBI at the plate), I woke up at 8:30 this morning -- usually the time I leave for work. So I got in a little late, needless to say. I'll start you off with the predictions from a couple buddies about their teams:

Michael Fabiano used to be one of our Fantasy Football writers, now he pens columns for NFL.com. He's a Yankees fan: "While I am worried about their middle relief, the Yankees still bolster some exciting young arms and one of the top offensive attacks in baseball. I can also see the Bombers making a trade or two to improve their pitching if Ian Kennedy or Philip Hughes falter and/or Joba Chamberlain is thrust into the rotation. I'm not solid on Boston as the best team in the American League or the AL East (what Yankees fan is?) so I'll pick the Yanks to win 96 games and the division title. I'm afraid to pick them to win a postseason round based on their recent failures, but a World Championship will be in the cards if the right trades are made down the stretch."

And Reds fan Johnny Rosenstein, otherwise known as Johnny Roast-Beef, works in our newsroom: "It's really a shame my Reds have so much offense, but the pitching -- mostly middle relief -- sucks. It's nice that they added Francisco Cordero, but how will they get to him? With Kent Mercker? Pleaaaaazzze! Plus, please remind me how much of a great leader Junior is? Watching him strike out in the first inning of the opener, it was mentioned he has seven Opening Day homers -- all with the Mariners. I expect a 73-89 season, which might just keep them in the NL Central race until early September. ... I would also like to go on record that Flood (our former worker in the newsroom that made his predictions Monday) is obviously smokin' some wacky-tobackky and the Yanks will not make the playoffs."

Pros and Prose
So Ross and I were discussing some of the different baseball blogs in the known universe, and I came across this one at Humbug. (My favorite was this one from Score Bard a couple months ago.)

So here's my submission from this afternoon, about Bobby Kielty finally accepting his minor-league assignment ... Ahem ...

Bobby Kielty will now play for Pawtucket.
He thought of telling Boston to "Suck it."
Then he thought one day,
As he was swinging away,
"I'm Kielty -- I'm no Kirby Puckett!"

Dave Richard came up with a good one that I can't post too.

First Alstott retires officially, now Rocco's gone?
After hearing that the Rays declined Rocco Baldelli's option, making my favorite baseball player a free agent after this season, I said, "Maybe it's an April Fool's joke?"

To which Emack responded, "The Rays signing him to that contract in the first place was the April Fool's joke."

Then I ran over him with a car.

Fun with Links
Speaking of April Fool's jokes, Ross Devonport (my cube neighbor and workmate) has introduced me to the world of being "Rick Roll'd." For those apparently as out of the loop as myself, this is when you trick someone into clicking on a link, only to take them to a Rick Asten video, preferably of "Never Gonna Give You Up." So he got me on "Muppet Bloopers" just now, it's pretty darn good too. Please post links to some likewise good Rick Roll'd links so I can get him.

Speaking of fun links, I found this -- Playing For Peanuts -- it's a reality show that follows the South Georgia Peanuts, a minor league baseball team. They haven't shown which channels will be showing the shows yet, but you can sign up for the email list, which I did, and it'll let you know when and where it will air.
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The REAL Opening Day! (Part I)

Crap. I accidentally bolded in the source code and there ain't no way I'm going back and unbolding each little thing. So, I'm unbolding everything. I'm starting a whole new blog.

3:06 p.m.
Here's our PR guy Alex Riethmiller's take on the upcoming season for the hated POOR-ioles (they're playing my Rays!): "After trading away Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard, it's unlikely Orioles fans had any doubts the club was serious about rebuilding. If there were any skeptics left, they were likely converted yesterday when the team cut Jay Gibbons eating $11.9 million in salary in the process. And surely the tinkering is not over as one would have to think Brian Roberts will be next to go assuming Orioles brass can get what they feel is a fair return for the second baseman. It's certainly going to be a long year for the boys in orange and black -- maybe a long couple years -- and the basement of the AL East is all but inevitable at this point. However, the upside is that a restocked farm system and young superstars like Nick Markakis give the team a solid base to build on." 2008 record: 62-100

3:01 p.m.
Emack is fond of saying (in a whiny voice), "Catchers hit like pitchers." And that appears to be the case in Milwaukee, as for the first time in Brewers history, Jason Kendall will hit behind Ben Sheets in the ninth spot. Manager Ned Yost wants more batters to get a chance to get on base in front of Braun and Fielder.

2:58 p.m.
You excited yet? It's only seven minutes away from first pitch at Camden Yards against the Rays!!! Here's the lineups:

  1. Brian Roberts - 2B
  2. Melvin Mora - 3B
  3. Nick Markakis - RF
  4. Kevin Millar - 1B
  5. Aubrey Huff - DH
  6. Ramon Hernandez - C
  7. Luke Scott - LF
  8. Adam Jones - CF
  9. Luis Hernandez - SS

Tampa Bay
  1. Akinori Iwamura - 2B
  2. Carl Crawford - LF
  3. Carlos Pena - 1B
  4. B.J. Upton - CF
  5. Cliff Floyd - DH
  6. Willy Aybar - 3B
  7. Eric Hinske - RF
  8. Dioner Navarro - C
  9. Jason Bartlett - SS
2:52 p.m.
Alex Gordon got rung up in the first inning with the bat on his shoulder -- not this time. The former top prospect homered on a 3-1 90 mph fastball at the belt into the right field stands -- and the fans throw the ball back on the field. (By the way, let's not get crazy about giving Cubs fans credit for that -- that's a White Sox deal from way back.) Looking back to last season, when Gordon struggled mightily through the first few months, he didn't hit his first homer until the seventh game -- which was also just his second basehit of the season. He hit just .173 with two homers and five RBI in April last year, so this is nice to see -- especially against a pitcher the caliber of Verlander.

2:39 p.m.
Miguel Cabrera -- Welcome to the pitching in the AL Central. Super-slim Miggy pounced on 2-1 hanging curve and deposited it into the left-center field stands for his first homer in Detroit. He was my pick for AL MVP heading into the season and he's off to a great start. The Royals, White Sox and Twins should offer up plenty of homer-able pitches. All three of those teams ranked among the bottom-14 in homers allowed last season.

2:27 p.m.
Our great big Opening Day extravaganza is in danger of becoming a soggy, wet turd in a punchbowl if these rain delays start becoming rainouts. I'll not have it!

2:37 p.m.
The Yankees have postponed their Opening Day officially. That stinks. They'll play this game against the Blue Jays Tuesday night at 7:05 p.m.

In keeping with the Yankees as a theme, my former co-worker, Brian Flood, tells us what he thinks his Yankees will do this season: "The Yankees will respond very well to Joe Girardi's aggressive style and he gets a lot out of the younger players. Robinson Cano is in the batting-title hunt until the final week of the season, Phil Hughes wins 16-plus games and the Yankees finish first in the AL East with 96 wins. New York defeats Philly in six games to win its 27th World Series ... I would also like to go on record that Cincinnati makes the playoffs.
Flood now works with the NFL as the Assistant to the Director of Officiating, although he likes to introduce himself like Dwight Schrute, losing the "to the" part of the title.

2:25 p.m.
The Brewers and Cubs are also in a rain delay, but they are expecting to get going around 3:00 p.m. EST according to ESPN.

DeJesus sprained his ankle, that's why Gathright came in to play center field for the Royals, by the way.

2:03 p.m.
Carlos Guillen hit a single into right field, but Jose Guillen came up gunning and the new Royals right fielder gets Magglio Ordonez who unwisely tried to score from second base. Still 1-0 Detroit, thanks to the perfect throw from Jose Guillen.

By the way, that's the answer to the Aaron Harang trivia question earlier -- Jose Guillen came to Oakland in exchange for Harang in 2003. He has played on nine different teams in the past 10 seasons!

1:59 p.m.
Joey Gathright took over in center field for David DeJesus in the third inning. I'll keep you posted as to what the injury -- if there was one -- might be. On Guillen's drive over his head, DeJesus did seem to run back slow to the ball.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Brewers will bat Prince Fielder third and Ryan Braun fourth in the lineup -- the reverse of what they did for much of last season. "Braunie has done a nice job of making it work," Milwaukee manager Ned Yost said. "If Braunie can take the same steps that Prince took in his second year, in terms of plate discipline, that's a big key to our offense. He's one of those special hitters, he's very smart and has great hitting instincts. I don't think he'll have any trouble with the adjustment. They're going to pitch around Prince at times and when they do, I want Braunie to make them come right after him. If they don't throw him strikes, he's going to have to take his walks and let Billy Hall and Corey Hart back him up."

Here are Fielder's numbers hitting third and fourth in the Brewers' lineup:
  • Hitting 3rd in 104 games -- .242 BA, 22 HR, 23 doubles, 64 RBI, 57 runs scored
  • Hitting 4th in 116 games -- .302 BA, 40 HR, 25 doubles, 85 RBI, 85 runs scored
Then again, Fielder did most of that work in cleanup with Braun in front of him. There shouldn't be much of a drop with Braun behind him.
1:43 p.m.
Renteria picks up his first RBI in a Tigers' uniform, as he pokes a shot up the middle to score Guillen. Looking at the time difference between my last post and this one reminds me of a pet peeve. I love sports movies -- and I hate sports movies. For instance, The Fan, with Robert De Niro playing a psycho fan of Giants' hitter Wesley Bonds (I mean Snipes). And De Niro is supposed to go pick up his kid or something important, yadayada, but he wants to wait through Snipes' at-bat. So of course, he keeps looking at his watch after every pitch, and apparently Snipes is the Nomar of the Silver Screen because several minutes would go by between every pitch. And of course, it's like a 10-pitch at-bat that takes 20 minutes according to Hollywood. Crap like that drives me nuts.

Although I did love "White Chicks."

1:34 p.m.
Carlos Guillen laced a drive well over DeJesus' head in right-center field, and he held up at second base following one of baseball's golden rules -- never make the first or third out at third base. He even broke his bat on that shot, so it's a wonder it had that much power to reach that deep.

1:31 p.m.
Miguel Cabrera hit a pop fly to center field that sounded good off the bat, but landed about 35 feet from the warning track. The announcers, crowd and myself were initially fooled. Emack would have made fun of me for going, "Uh oh!" -- then I would have asked him if he recently ate a dirty diaper.

Here's the Denver Post's breakdown of today's lineup between the Rockies and Cardinals, along with last season's statistics.

  1. CF Willy Taveras .320 2 24 .367
  2. SS Troy Tulowitzki .291 24 99 .359
  3. 1B Todd Helton .320 17 91 .434
  4. LF Matt Holliday .340 36 137 .405
  5. 3B Garrett Atkins .301 25 111 .367
  6. RF Brad Hawpe .291 29 116 .387
  7. C Yorvit Torrealba .255 8 47 .323
  8. 2B Jayson Nix* .292 11 58 .342
  9. LHP Jeff Francis W-L: 17-9, 4.22 ERA


  1. LF Skip Schumaker .333 2 19 .358
  2. RF Ryan Ludwick .267 14 52 .339
  3. 1B Albert Pujols .327 32 103 .429
  4. 3B Troy Glaus .262 20 62 .366
  5. CF Rick Ankiel .285 11 39 .328
  6. C Yadier Molina .275 6 40 .340
  7. SS Cesar Izturis .258 0 16 .302
  8. RHP Adam Wainwright W-L: 14-12, 3.70 ERA
  9. 2B Aaron Miles .290 2 32 .328 -- You gotta love being the guy that hits BEHIND the pitcher.

*Nix's statistics are from Triple-A Colorado Springs

1:20 p.m.
Guerrera notes that Gil Meche is now on pace for 1,400 Ks after taking out Edgar Renteria. Come on, let's not get crazy -- it's Gil Meche! ... He'll get 950 Ks max.

1:15 p.m.

It's raining in Cincinnati, but it's supposed to clear up, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. So their game has been pushed back to 2:10 in Cincinnati, which means 3:10 for us East Coasters.

David DeJesus grounds out to start the Royals/Tigers game. This is a guy that really hasn't developed the all-around game many had hoped. Considering the guy he replaced in center field at Kauffman Stadium, Carlos Beltran, said DeJesus reminded him a lot of himself -- he's not quite there.

You can check out this game in our live GameCenter here.

Mark Grudzielanek hit a slow chopper to Miguel Cabrera, and Carlos Guillen played the throw from third horribly. With his right foot on the bag and his left foot on the first base line, Grudzielanek had to jump over Guillen -- who dropped the ball anyway. That could have been a BIG collision at first, as Guillen played first base like a shortstop. Somehow, Cabrera gets tagged with the throwing error, but I'd blame Guillen for that play more than anything. (Grudz then went on to steal second base, NICE! The five percent of CBSSports.com leagues are happy about that one! Although only two percent are starting him.)

Verlander gets Alex Gordon looking on an outside circle-change. The ball really was outside, but Ivan Rodriguez framed it well and Verlander has his first strikeout of the season! ... And so does Gordon!

1:02 p.m.
Time to turn the channel to Fox Sports-Detroit to catch the Royals game at Comerica Park. Is today the first game in Justin Verlander's march toward his first Cy Young award? Emack and I both predicted he'd take that hardware home. Against the Royals in eight starts in his career, Verlander is 6-0 with a 2.26 ERA and 42 strikeouts in over 52 innings. Sounds like a good starting place to begin a Cy Young hunt.

12:54 p.m.
According to Newsday, it's still raining at Yankee Stadium, so teams were unable to take batting practice and the start of the game has been delayed -- not cancelled.

I am reporting that Ross Devonport, my British co-worker, has reported that CBSNews reports that this game will start at 2 p.m.

12:47 p.m.
OK, I've had my first hot dog of Opening Day officially. At Publix, our local grocery store, I saw Jake, Bisbee, Madden and one of the guys from customer service. It appears EVERYONE at CBSSports.com is gearing up for a big day! Btw, I finally went with a loaf of five-grain Italian Bread, some deli Chicken Salad, Cape Cod Potato chips (regular) and a rail of small Snickers bars.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside also (sorry snowbirds that already went back up north!)

12:09 p.m.
Sounds like the Blue Jays/Yankees game is in jeopardy because of weather also, according to Baseball Tonight. And here's the Opening Fay lineup for these two squads, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

Blue Jays

  1. David Eckstein, SS
  2. Shannon Stewart, LF
  3. Alex Rios, RF
  4. Vernon Wells, CF
  5. Frank Thomas, DH
  6. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  7. Aaron Hill, 2B
  8. Marco Scutaro, 3B
  9. Gregg Zaun, C


  1. Johnny Damon, LF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Bobby Abreu, RF
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Jason Giambi, 1B
  6. Robinson Cano, 2B
  7. Jorge Posada, C
  8. Hideki Matsui, DH
  9. Melky Cabrera, CF
11:56 a.m.
Just got out of video finally. Emack's breath was in rare form. I think he gargled with vomit this morning. I got into the studio before he did, which meant I was smart enough to grab the good chair (which is tricky because the good chair looks like it would be the bad char, but it's not), so Emack had to sit forward the whole time. And we both wore dark blue shirts, so Weisberg mentioned we looked like brothers. Big, ugly brothers.

Mets/Marlins weather update -- it's sunny out now! Apparently, as soon as I wrote that it was rainy, it stopped.

Once Eisenberg is done shooting his video, we're headed to Publix for lunch. I'm thinking of just getting a big loaf of awesome bread and a thing of chicken salad. I'm going to be here late tonight. Oooooh, maybe some Jalapeno Pringles!

11:08 a.m.
For those dying to know what the Reds/D-Backs lineup will be today, here it is courtesy of the Arizona Republic:
  1. Young, CF
  2. Hudson, 2B
  3. Byrnes, LF
  4. Jackson, 1B
  5. Snyder, C
  6. Reynolds, 3B
  7. Drew, SS
  8. Upton, RF
  9. Webb, P
  1. Patterson, CF
  2. Keppinger, SS
  3. Griffey, RF
  4. Phillips, 2B
  5. Dunn, LF
  6. Encarnacion, 3B
  7. Hatteberg, 1B
  8. Valentin, C
  9. Harang, P

10:49 a.m.
Still waiting to go into video. Apparently a light is out -- or they haven't put the ugly filters on the cameras yet. They never work anyway.

Mets/Marlins update -- It's raaaaaaining pretty steady in Fort Lauderdale right now. I'd have to say this afternoon's game is in question because it's been raining off and on all morning.

10:17 a.m.
Reds trivia time courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer: Aaron Harang is making his third consecutive Opening Day start for the Reds. That's the longest streak for the Reds since whom?

I talked about Foghorn Harang (I'm going to make that nickname stick!) on Saturday. Here's a few more remarks for one of the most unknown Cy Young candidates in the game: Since the All-Star break of 2005, he ranks third in the NL in wins, second in strikeouts, innings and starts, first in complete games and seventh in ERA. And he has lowered his ERA in each of his five seasons with the Reds. In last year's Opening Day, he allowed one unearned run on six hits and two walks in seven innings against the Cubs. He also struck out five batters.

Trivia question Part II: Which current major leaguer was also part of the trade that brought Harang to Cincinnati?

OK, we're doing video at 10:30, so I have to go take a PVP (pre-video poop).

9:57 a.m.
Roch Kubatko, of the Baltimore Sun, blogged that the conditions are cold and drizzly this morning, which is a bad omen for the Rays/O's game this afternoon. Hamstring gremlins looooooooove cold and rainy conditions.

Here's an interesting story in today's Chicago Sun-Times loosely comparing Kosuke Fukudome's underwhelming spring with Ichiro's first spring training in 2001. Apparently, Ichiro had almost nothing but infield hits that March, causing many scouts to laugh at Seattle's signing of the Japanese import.

9:45 a.m.
Emack just informed me that he's heading over to the Mets/Marlins game around lunchtime. Looks like it's just me and the football guys (Richard and Eisenberg) for Opening Day festivities. They'll probably yell stuff like, "Hey, a triple is almost like a field goal!"

Food options are quickly dwindling. I think I'm just going to the grocery store and buying hot dogs from the stand outside. Maybe I'll roll them around in gravel so they'll be like the ones at Dolphin Stadium.

9:29 a.m.
Here's the MLB Opening Day schedule:
Kansas City Royals @ Detroit Tigers 1:05 PM
Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees 1:05 PM
Arizona D-Backs @ Cincinnati Reds 2:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs 2:20 PM
Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians 3:05 PM
Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles 3:05 PM
Washington Nationals @ Philadelphia Phillies 3:05 PM
New York Mets @ Florida Marlins 4:10 PM
San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Dodgers 4:10 PM
Colorado Rockies @ St. Louis Cardinals 4:15 PM
Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners 6:40 PM
LA Angels @ Minnesota Twins 7:05 PM
Pittsburgh Pirates @ Atlanta Braves 7:10 PM
Houston Astros @ San Diego Padres 10:05 PM

My viewing schedule for today (expect to read snippets on these games):

Kansas City Royals @ Detroit Tigers 1:05 PM -- The Yankees are old news, let's see a slimmed down Miggy in Motown.
Arizona D-Backs @ Cincinnati Reds 2:10 PM -- Opening Day used to ALWAYS start in Cincinnati, so I have to pay respects.
Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs 2:20 PM -- The Cubbies get 40 minutes of my attention on a busy day.
Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles 3:05 PM -- I've been sooooo pumped to check out Willy Aybar at third base finally.
Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners 6:40 PM -- Get 20 minutes in of this game.
LA Angels @ Minnesota Twins 7:05 PM -- I'm glogging this game tonight. Rex Hudler is one of my all-time fave broadcasters.
Houston Astros @ San Diego Padres 10:05 PM -- Finishing up the night with a 120-minute Oswalt/Peavy at Petco glog!

9:20 a.m.
Was it just me or was the new Nationals Park -- kinda boring? Why not have something unique, especially in D.C., like a mock Washington Monument in dead center? Or a smaller Lincoln Memorial sitting behind the left-field seats? ... Or how about some Mayor Marion Berry snow-cone machines? Maybe a guy dressed up as Nixon that slides down a big slide every time a steroids cheater comes up to bat? It's a work in progress.

9:03 a.m.
Dave Richard, our Fantasy Football writer, just mentioned that he just watched "The Departed" this weekend. Yeah, he's a little behind (actually, that's the ONLY time "little behind" and Dave Richard are used in the same sentence.) He still hasn't seen "Goodfellas" either. I'm not joking. And -- get this -- he was a film major in college. Irony, thy name is Dave Richard.

Corey Guerrera just mentioned he's going to the Mets/Marlins game this afternoon. He'll get to see Johan Santana in his Mets' debut. As a Mets fan, that's gotta have you pretty pumped. Remember Corey from our All-Time Mets Fantasy Team?

8:55 a.m.
We have Justin Upton projected for just 14 homers and 14 stolen bases this summer. Looking back now, I think we're shorting him a handful at least on both ends. He has been working on his base-stealing all winter, and as this young offense matures, he'll get more chances to steal a base successfully. Baseball Prospectus, one of the industry's best at forecasting numbers, has Upton hitting 37 doubles and 20 homers. They also have Conor Jackson slugging .493 (we have him at .447), with Mark Reynolds pounding out 28 homers (21 for us), and finally, Chris B. Young, according to BP, will rip 27 homers (30 for us). So you can take this from our projection comparisons -- the Baby D-Backs are going to be a much better offense this season.

Emack and I are doing video this morning for the first time in a couple years. We were so bad the first time, they run to find Amber Wilson, who's nearly as pretty as womanly as Emack. Don't worry, Amber's not gone! Get off the ledge! We're trying a point/counterpoint thing with Emack and I. Like, I'll say he looks silly with BBQ sauce on his face and he'll disagree. It should be entertaining. We've gotten a little better in our podcasts I think, so hopefully that will translate over to our on-camera presence.

At one point last night, Tim Hudson retired 19 straight batters. What their sexual preference has to do with anything, I don't know.

Like I said, Emack and I have done three other Opening Days together, and each time, we've tried to make it a little more special than on the other days. For the first couple days of March Madness, CBSSports.com provides subs and pizza for everyone, with cookies and ... I think there was even a pinata!!! For the first Sunday of the NFL season, the staff in the building is treated to barbecue and even more treats -- even pony rides! But for Opening Day in baseball, the only way CBSSports.com celebrates is that our bosses don't fart when they walk by our cubes.

So in the past, Emack and I have taken things into our own hands. We've grilled hot dogs, Italian sausages and brats out in the parking lot and offered them to our workmates in our own little Opening Day celebration. Most of the people though, would just ask, "You spit in this?" And they'd eventually say something like, "Opening Day for what?" I'm not sure what we're doing for lunch today though. I'm thinking microwaved hot dogs!!!

8:28 a.m.
Observations on some of last night's game --
  • Who's this Jones character with Atlanta? When was the last time we saw a Braves jersey with just "Jones" on the back? For those curious, Larry Jones' career season with the Braves was in 1999 when he hit .319 with 45 homers, 110 RBI, 116 runs scored, 41 doubles and even 25 stolen bases!
  • This time last year, Elijah Dukes was getting ready to hit two solo homers in his first two games for the (then-Devil) Rays, sending Fantasy owners into a tizzy trying to pick him up off waivers. Multiple threats to his baby mama and a trade to D.C. for an old Sega Genesis game (with NHL '95 and Bill Walsh College Football) later, and Dukes is on the DL with a tight hammy. So between Dukes and Wily Mo Pena (strained oblique), the Nationals have the hardest hitting LF triage in the majors.
  • Jon Rauch should now be in line for some saves with Chad Cordero coming up lame with a sore shoulder and a horribly unbent baseball cap. Former co-worker Brian Flood told me he spent several hours one day in 2002 waiting on Rauch, then a big-time starting pitching prospect with the White Sox, to show up on MLB's transaction call-ups, so he could pick him up before his opponents. Finally, in one of his first two outings, Rauch gave up eight runs on two homers in four innings against the Tigers. And so began Flood's drinking problem.
7:59 a.m.
Gooooooood morning to you, on Opening Day!
It makes me feel happy, it makes me feel gay!
Of course, I mean in a heterosexual way,
"Not that there's anything wrong with that," Seinfeld would say.

That's right, today's the day many will call in sick, coming up with a rare form of Opening-Day-itis (other forms include March-Madness Disorder and Got-Too-Drunk-After-First-MNF-Game). Emack and I will be sharing our fourth Opening Day together, which is pretty amazing considering I vowed to kill him years ago.

All day, I plan on blogging about games, life, baseball and our Fantasy staff. I already have my big coffee and blueberry bagel with cream cheese and I'm ready to rock. So keep coming back because I have a lot of people to make fun of.
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Edited on: March 29, 2008 11:57 pm

Saturday Baseball Blog

It's the last Saturday of spring without regular season baseball. Things are winding down in draft prep mode and gearing up for in-season help. You'll notice our player updates are starting to change a little in their language, going from "Draft him in the later rounds as a sleeper" to "Don't feel bad, J.D. Drew is already killing my team too."

So since this is the last sane Saturday, I thought today's blog would be in honor of "The Bugs Bunny, Road Runner Show" -- the all-time greatest Saturday morning cartoon ever. I'd wake up at seven in the morning on a non-school day, wearing my footy pajamas, get a big bowl of Sugary Sugar O's, or whatever colorful cereal I could find with a cartoon on it, and settle in for the greatest few hours of the week. And that was just two Saturdays ago, when I watched "The Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume I" on DVD.

"I say, I say, I'll reluctantly take Aaron Harang!"
The Sporting News pointed out an interesting fact about Aaron Harang last season. (Doesn't he kinda look like Foghorn Leghorn, at 6-foot-7, 275? Does that make Bronson Arroyo the Chicken Hawk?) The Reds' brutally bad bullpen blew five saves that would have been wins for Harang. Even if they just save three of those five games, that give Harang 19 wins to lead the NL! He's an innings-eating beast that somehow gets away with allowing a flyball for every groundball he induces, yet keeps an ERA under 4.00 in a tiny ballpark. Only six other 15-game winners last season walked fewer batters than him, and he has gone over 200 strikeouts for consecutive seasons.

Those facts haven't gotten past the eyes of Fantasy owners, as they made him the 10th-highest drafted SP in Head-to-Head leagues this season (12th in Rotisserie). But let's be honest, owners are reluctant to make him their ace because of the Great American Ball Park, and the fact that he has allowed 28 home runs in each of the past two seasons. When it comes time to trade for an ace for your team -- or better yet, a stellar No. 2 -- see what you can dangle in front of him for a trade. "You gotta keep your eye on the ball. Eye! Ball! Eyeball! I almost had a gag, son. Joke, that is."

The Bugs Bunny Delivery
I've always thought that Francisco Rodriguez's crazy, Bugs Bunny whiplash delivery would be the cause of injury for him at some point. He's definitely proven me wrong over the past three seasons, going on to save more games (132) than any other pitcher in the game (Trevor Hoffman is just one behind at 131). The Angels' pitching staff is a little banged up this season, but the addition of Jon Garland gives them another innings-eater that can reach the bullpen. Setup man Scot Shields had some tough outings last season in one of his worst years in a while. The Angels went from the 7th-best bullpen in 2006 (with a 3.78 ERA), to 20th-best in 2007 (4.24 ERA).

The Angels have always produced solid setup pitchers throughout the 2000s, from K-Rod (who was behind Troy Percival for a few seasons), to Shields, to Brendan Donnelly to J.C. Romero. But what's interesting is that the Angels' bullpen dip last season comes in the first year of Mike Butcher's tenure as the Angels' pitching coach -- or should I say, the first season without pitching coach Bud Black, who went on to manage the Padres in '07.

Either way, you can pretty much write in K-Rod for another 40-save season in a contract year. The team hasn't locked him up and they are bracing against possibly losing him and his goggles (eat more carrots to improve your vision!) to another team next year. That sounds like incentive for the best closer in baseball over the past three years.

By the way, if you get a chance to read this column about Baseball Bugs, I highly recommend it. It ended up in the 2007 Best Sports Writing Annual.

One Dozen ACME Off-the-Table Curveballs

San Francisco's ace, despite what Barry Zito is being paid, will be Tim Lincecum this season, make no bones about that. In a steady drizzle, Lincecum did his best Wile E. Coyote impression by crafting a plan to strike out nine batters in five no-hit innings. This Giants team will not offer him much run support, that much we're certain of, and his bullpen is going to be below-average again (4.10 ERA ranked 18th lst year, despite pitching in a great pitcher's park), but Lincecum could approach 200 strikeouts this season, depending on how many innings the Giants let him throw (he's just 23). He was sixth in the majors last season with a 9.23 K/9 average among pitchers with at least 100 innings thrown. He's going to climb into the top five in the strikeouts-per-9 innings category this season. Here's who he'll have to surpass:
  1. Erik Bedard, SEA: 10.93
  2. Scott Kazmir, TB: 10.41
  3. Jake Peavy, SD: 9.67
  4. Johan Santana, NYM: 9.66
  5. A.J. Burnett, TOR: 9.56
Three reasons why the '08 Dodgers Make Me Feel Like Pepe LePew:
  1. I have to admit, I'm starting to get a man-crush on Jonathan Broxton. I'm 6-foot-2, 290, and I can't reach the Oreos without pulling a hamstring. So I have to show some love for this right-handed fireballer that weighs in at 288 and stands 6-foot-3 coming into his second full season as the Dodgers' setup man. He picked up his first spring save Friday, but considering Takashi Saito is 39 years old with little injuries starting to take their toll (calf and buttocks soreness this spring already), Broxton could be a great sleeper for saves. If you're in a mixed Rotisserie league, he can be a great help in strikeouts (second only to Bedard in K/9 among pitchers with at least 80 innings in '07) and the Georgian's ERA and WHIP will help you more than some of your starting pitchers. He has a mean attitude that totally befits a closer -- and Dodger Stadium is awfully pitcher-friendly.
  2. Chad Billingsley had just 20 starts last season, but he struck out seven or more batters in five of those games. He struck out seven in Friday's spring game against the Red Sox also. Among all 140-innings-plus '07 pitchers with a dominance (K/9) number of 8.00 or higher, no one had a better command (K/BB) ratio than his 2.20. He was top-15 in ERA as a starter (3.31) and the Dodgers have a much-improved offense this season. He could finish the season as a top-20 SP.
  3. Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp could become top-40 outfielders in an outfield that has plenty of potential if Andruw Jones can return to his former self. I've grown up as a Dodgers hater all my life, until I went to a game at Chavez Ravine last season. These youngsters give this club a new look that have little cartoon hearts coming out of my chest.
I ended up blogging more about Saturday Morning Cartoons HERE!
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Edited on: March 25, 2008 5:26 pm

... Sorta Opening Day?

First game of the 2008 season for our national pastime -- in a different nation once again
Dice-K was shaky early on (30 pitches in first, 30 pitches in second), but he settled down in the next few innings and actually impressed us by bouncing back for a solid start. If this happened next Monday, you wouldn't be as worried as you might be today, since it's the only game on the docket and has a ton of fanfare.

You have to like Manny's two-base triple though off the wall in right-center ... Manny being Manny ... Gonos being Gonos I guess is me taking a book into the can to knock out a chapter.

How much will Brandon Moss' ownership go up in the next day or so? He's owned in one percent of leagues (keeper probably) right now, starting in less than one percent. J.D. Drew's back injury could affect him for Wednesday's game also, but we don't expect it to be anything that makes Moss more than an AL-only flier.

They played "Sweet Caroline" in Japan. Do you think Oakland, the "home" team, appreciated that? Do you think anyone cared? Me neither.

Joe Blanton actually looked pretty good to start the game, by the way, which only people that got up early would be able to appreciate.

Trivia Question!
Throughout the afternoon, random trivia questions get asked among our group -- here's a good one: The Heat and the Dolphins have an excellent chance, depending on the NBA lottery balls, of having the No. 1 picks in the same year. Can you name the last time that happened with two teams in the same city in the four major sports? (It's not too hard, but I AM interested in knowing who did it before that if you want to do some research.)

Some things you might hear in today's podcast: Emack talking about his mailbag, Tout Wars thoughts and the Longoria Chronicles. Some things you won't hear: Emack slurping his coffee (we had to restart because he's a slob), Jamey say anything about football or GO Yankees!
Here's a quick link to our features page for Commissioner leagues that I have not seen before.

For WEDNESDAY's BOS/OAK game -- Try this
Last night, I set up my Tivo/DVR to record the game at 6am, then I got up at 7am and started watching. I skipped the commercials and basically got caught up in time at 8:30am to shoot into work. That extra hour of sleep can make or break you!!!

Reds' rotation
The Dayton Daily News notes the differences between Edinson Volquez and Homer Bailey this spring:
  • ERA: Volquez 2.70, Bailey 5.21
  • Strikeouts: Volquez 26, Bailey 11
  • Walks: Volquez 4, Bailey 16.
  • Hits: Volquez 21, Bailey 24.
Look at that strikeout-to-walk ratio of Volquez, that's what caught my eye all spring. Granted, a starting pitcher that calls Great American Ball Park home is a dangerous proposition, but considering that the Reds had to give up Josh Hamilton to get him, both teams believe highly in his talents. He's owned in 44 percent of CBSSports.com leagues.

After the Frandsen Fallout
I know many of you are scrambling all over the place trying to figure out what to do now that Kevin Frandsen is out for the season with a ruptured Achillies' tendon (owwwwwww). Eugenio Velez already made the Giants' team with a great spring, but now he could take over Frandsen's spot as the utility infielder and sometimes starter at second base. Got cheap steals? Pick up Velez, who led the majors this spring with 13. The Giants are definitely going to have to manufacture runs going station-to-station considering they don't have much power, and Velez can turn back-to-back singles into a run scored.
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It's 'MOCK' Madness ... not March.

Basketball!?! College Basketball!?! ... Never heard of it.

Today is our fourth or 12th installment of "Mock Draft MONDAYYYyyyyyy..." (you have to read it like a TV announcer falling down a well).

Emack and I took part in two mock drafts once again this afternoon, at 2pm ET., so come check out the new Mock Draft product.

Tout Wars: Battle of the Experts! I found out this past weekend that CBSSports.com will officially be hosting the Tout Wars experts leagues this season. This is my fourth season in the mixed league group. The AL league was detailed in Sam Walker's FantasyLand book. (If you still haven't read this, you're dead to me.)

Here's my review of FantasyLand from 2006:

When you think about it, what is Fantasy Baseball? Isn't it just the chance for an Average Joe to manage baseball players from a statistical standpoint, in hopes of proving their knowledge of the game by dominating other Average Joes?

What if that Average Joe had a chance to give his slumping players a pep talk? What if he had the opportunity to scout free agents in person or talk to the managers of opponents' players for possible trades?

Sam Walker did just that -- and then some. Fantasyland: A Sportswriter's Obsessive Bid to Win the World's Most Ruthless Fantasy Baseball League chronicles one man's hilarious quest for Fantasy Baseball dominance by using every available outlet at his disposal. That includes talking to players, scouts, managers and general managers as he attempts to win the Tout Wars, possibly the greatest of all Fantasy Baseball expert leagues.

This book is a wonderful read for any Fantasy enthusiast. Walker finally does what all of us wish we could. He takes you from spring training, to the auction, to the trade deadline, all the way through the final month of Fantasy play in a raucous ride that only Fantasy players would truly understand.

Walker, a sportswriter by trade with the Wall Street Journal, assembled a three-man team to attack the Tout Wars auction. He hired a grizzled Fantasy freak that went by the name Nando, along with a NASA biomathematician named Sig to crunch the numbers. Each member of this Fantasy triad brought special things to the table. Sig had the ability to run anything and everything through the computer for statistical analysis. Nando had the Fantasy experience to assist any new owner to a championship. And Sam had the connections with players, managers and scouts to help get the extra edge on the competition.

Sam, Sig and Nando -- that sounds like a fourth edition to The Lord of the Rings.

Walker also did his best to finally figure out which is more important: a scout's eye or a statistician's algorithms? Can a scout see something that the numbers don't already tell us and vice versa?

Do major leaguers care, or even know, about Fantasy Baseball? Walker talks to a number of players including Jacque Jones and the always entertaining David Ortiz. Big Papi even gives Walker Fantasy trade advice about one of his players -- him!

Not only is this book an incredibly entertaining read, but I guarantee it will actually help your own Fantasy game as you learn what some of the top Fantasy minds in the industry are thinking. He speaks candidly to a number of touts, including Ron Shandler, Jason Grey and Lawr Michaels, three names that have permeated the industry for several years.

Mark Reynolds has given up trying to become something he's not -- a patient hitter. In today's Arizona Republic, he talks how all spring he has been trying to cut down on his strikeouts, while working counts deeper. "I realized that's not me," he said. "I'm swinging at the first strike I see. Hanging curveball, hanging slider, fastball, whatever. That's what got me here, so I don't think I need to change it. I just realized, 'Why am I trying to change something that got me to the major leagues?' Strikeouts are going to be there. I've accepted it. I don't care what anybody writes about it or anybody says. It's just me." He poked 20 doubles, four triples and 17 homers in 366 at-bats (along with 129 strikeouts), and he proved early on that he has the power to help mixed league teams in all formats. Those strikeouts can hurt H2H players, but the extra-base ability should offset it in a full season.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes another '07 rookie that's ready for a huge sophomore season. Yunel Escobar hit his second homer of the spring on Sunday, and he's batting .473 with 12 RBI in the exhibition season so far. Hitting coach Terry Pendleton watched Escobar crush batting practice pitches out of the playing field before the game and commented, "He's strong as an ox." You like to hear similes like that for a player you can start at shortstop, second base and third base this year. I've mentioned in the past how the Braves are in love with this kid and that stud-SS prospect Brent Lillibridge has been forced to find a different path to the majors. If you miss out on the top shortstops, don't feel bad if you have to wait until the later innings and pick up someone as promising as Escobar.

Mark it down -- 12:25pm, Emack has already spilled a taco down the front of his shirt.

Roch Kubatko, one of the easiest names to slip off the tongue, is the Orioles beat writer for the Baltimore Sun. In today's blog, he noted that he thinks the Brian Roberts deal will still go down with the Cubs. He thinks Jay Payton comes along with Roberts, and that five players come back in return.

We know that some of the players mentioned on the way back to Baltimore include: RHPs Sean Gallagher and Jason Marquis, LHPs Sean Marshall and Donald Veal, and SS Ronny Cedeno. Emack and I were both surprised that Corey Patterson's younger brother, Eric Patterson, wasn't mentioned in the deal. He's a solid 2B prospect that would make sense in Baltimore's plans. But their intent on fortifying their pitching staffs in the majors as well as Triple-A mandates them seeking more arms. Don't expect ALL of those pitchers to go to Baltimore, but a combo of Gallagher/Marshall/Veal with Marquis, Cedeno and a throw-in makes sense. Remember that Marquis has been anything but graceful in his complaints about not being guaranteed a Cubs starting rotation spot. He is finally helping his case though, with a 2.00 ERA in nine spring innings (three appearances).

The Boston Globe put this schedule up Monday. It's possible that, depending on how your league is set up for the first week, that brand new daddy Daisuke Matsuzaka will get a super-rare three-start Fantasy scoring period in Week 1. Asterisks indicate the Globe's educated guess at the starting pitcher.
  • March 21: Red Sox vs. Hanshin Tigers (Japan) -- Clay Buchholz
  • March 23: Red Sox vs. Yomiuri Giants (Japan) -- Tim Wakefield
  • March 25: Red Sox vs. Athletics (Opener in Japan) -- Daisuke Matsuzaka
  • March 26: Red Sox vs. Athletics (Japan) -- Jon Lester
  • March 28: Red Sox at Dodgers (Exhibition) -- TBA
  • March 29: Red Sox at Dodgers (Exhibition @ LA Coliseum) -- TBA
  • March 30: Red Sox at Dodgers (Exhibition) -- TBA
  • April 1: Red Sox at Athletics (Regular season) -- Daisuke Matsuzaka *
  • April 2: Red Sox at Athletics (Regular season) -- Jon Lester *
  • April 4: Red Sox at Blue Jays (Regular season) -- Clay Buchholz *
  • April 5: Red Sox at Blue Jays (Regular season) -- Tim Wakefield *
  • April 6: Red Sox at Blue Jays (Regular season) -- TBA (possibly Dice-K again)
  • April 8: Red Sox vs. Tigers (Home opener) -- TBA
I said it before, and I'll say it again -- this little trip is going to slow the BoSox down in April, so hit your fellow owners up for some trades for them in the last week of April.

Let's talk Reds pitching. You know you want to.

The Cincinnati Enquirer notes that manager Dusty Baker has all but engraved it in stone that youngsters Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez will be in the Reds' rotation out of camp. That means they'll likely join Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo and Josh Fogg in the starting five. Notice anyone absent from that group?

Last year's rookie sensation Homer Bailey has an ERA north of 8.00 after four spring appearances (10 2/3 IP). He has nine strikeouts, but eight walks as well. He could be looking at a Triple-A Louisville start to the season again, but don't dismiss him just yet. He could be their first call-up if an injury hits their staff. If you have any reserve space, he's worth a look.

Cueto has been great this spring, turning many heads with an aggressive approach on the rubber, but he got dinged up a bit Monday. More on that later.

It's Volquez, 24, that I want to discuss this afternoon. He came over from the Rangers, who had broken up their vaunted "DVD" prospect group last season when John Danks joined the White Sox (Thomas Diamond is still with Texas, but he's working his way back from Tommy John surgery).

Volquez was inconsistent in both '05 and '06 when he was called up, but he actually pitched well for the Rangers last season, allowing more than three earned runs in only two of eight starts. But this spring, he has been a man possessed.
Volquez has a 3.46 spring ERA after Sunday's five shutout innings against the Phillies' A squad. He threw 69 pitches, 46 of which were for strikes.

When looking at spring stats, one of the first things you take note of on a pitcher -- especially a young one -- is his walks compared to his strikeouts. With just three walks -- and 19 strikeouts -- in 13 innings, Volquez has kept critics at bay. The Reds traded Josh Hamilton for him (with super-OF prospect Jay Bruce waiting in the wings), and it's known that a hitter's ballpark like Cincinnati's can wreak havoc with a young pitcher's confidence. But since Volquez is used to bandbox-itis, coming over from Rangers Park in Arlington, he should be a little more ready than a younger pitcher coming from a different team.

"They're (Volquez and Cueto) pitching like they belong alongside Harang and Arroyo in the rotation," Baker said. "They're dealing. They came in ready to pitch. They played Winter Ball, so they're ahead -- not so much with velocity but with command. That's what you need. They're pounding the strike zone. If you walk people, you have no chance. If you get behind people, you have a little chance."

But there's a reason the Rangers gave him up for an outfielder (and it's not like the Rangers have great pitchers coming out of their ears). Opposing hitters were batting .329 against Volquez, so let's not make him a 15th-round draft pick in mixed leagues just yet. He's someone to think about in keeper leagues though because when he's on, he can rack up Ks, and the Reds' lineup should get him some wins.

For the Rangers, they hope Josh Hamilton's troubles are behind him, of course, but also that he can fit in with the Rangers and not necessarily have the same problems he had in Cincinnati, where rumors circulated that his special treatment and brash attitude were resented by the veterans.

Considering that Michael Young, Hank Blalock and Ian Kinsler attended a news conference in which Hamilton discussed his trials and tribulations with drug abuse, and that Kinsler later asked him to join him for dinner, things seem to be going well. Hamilton said that's the first time a professional teammate has ever extended that courtesy. Now, he's playing video games with Kinsler and Jason Botts.

How's he doing this spring? Well, he's hitting .600 in 12 games, with two homers and 12 RBI. Remember that this is the first spring training he has ever been to in which he already has a job secured. His spring OPS? 1.747. "I don't feel like I have to make the team," Hamilton told the Dallas Morning News. "And when you feel more relaxed, it leads to more confidence and a better approach."

Hamilton enters spring like a lion (he hit .407 in Reds' camp last season) and he could be a solid No. 4 outfielder in mixed leagues this spring.

The Morning News' Evan Grant, another one of my favorite beat writers, notes that Hamilton's batting practice rounds have become legendary already. "From batting practice to the field, it's just amazing," backup CF Marlon Byrd said. "I've never seen a spring like this. You always wonder about players like Vladimir Guerrero and Alex Rodriguez and what it was like seeing them as young players in the spring, and then seeing what they became. If Josh stays on the field 150 to 155 games, there is no reason he shouldn't put up MVP type of numbers."

"It's an absolute joke," Rangers starter Kevin Millwood said about Hamilton's ability. "He doesn't swing at a single bad pitch, and he doesn't miss anything he swings at."


The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com