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Posted on: May 31, 2008 4:03 pm

Week 10 Tout Wars FAAB Bids

Mixed Tout Wars FAAB for Week 10
AL Tout Wars FAAB
NL Tout Wars FAAB
  • Russell Branyan: Hertz 29 (Hertz 29, Van Riper 11, Walton 9, Wilderman 6, Colton/Wolf 2)
  • Seth Smith: Becker 19 (Becker 19, Kreutzer 15, Lombardo 15, Pianowski 10, Collette 8, Leibowitz 8, Walton 6, Colton/Wolf 6, Wilderman 5)
  • Josh Fogg: Van Riper 0 (Van Riper 0)
  • Joe Mather: Kreutzer 11 (Kreutzer 11, Wilderman 8, Becker 0)
  • Cha Seung Baek: Wilderman 3 (Wilderman 3)
  • Neal Cotts: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0)
  • Joe Smith: Colton/Wolf 0 (Colton/Wolf 0, Leibowitz 0)
  • Nick Evans: Kreutzer 8 (Kreutzer 8, Leibowitz 5, Colton/Wolf 1, Becker 0)
  • Adam Eaton: Walton 6 (Walton 6, Kreutzer 3)
  • Doug Waechter: Walton 0 (Walton 0)
  • Josh Banks: Kreutzer 3 (Kreutzer 3, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Brian Moehler: Kreutzer 0 (Kreutzer 0, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Cory Sullivan: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0, Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Michael Wuertz: Colton/Wolf 0 (Colton/Wolf 0)
  • Joe Nelson: Collette 1 (Collette 1)
  • T.J. Bohn: Lombardo 6 (Lombardo 6)
  • Craig Counsell: Wilderman 0 (Wilderman 0)
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Posted on: May 5, 2008 7:00 pm

Random thoughts on a random day

Well, I just wrote a bunch of blog items and accidentally hit a link to another page. Coming back to this one, I found that everything I wrote was gone. CTRL-A and CTRL-C ... I need to start making that a regular habit while I write a decent size blog.

Here are the quick notes to what I had written (cop-out, I know, I'm blaming  Emack):
  • Justin Upton gets ejected for arguing the third strike of the final out of Sunday's game. WHAT? How? George Brett just got ejected from a game in 1982. What's the statute of limitations on that?
  • Trivia time: What two Angels pitchers are the only ones to start a season with a better combined record than Ervin Santana (5-0) and Joe Saunders (6-0)?
  • I figured out the meaning of life, but I don't have time to rewrite it all here. I'll get back to that another time. It has to deal with chicken wings, breast implants and the TV show, "Survivorman."
FantasyBaseball.com's Todd Zola wrote in this week's Tout Wars guest column that he didn't like using player-vs-pitcher stats to determine a start or sit in any given Fantasy week -- and he took a shot at sites that offer that analysis (CBSSports.com is one of them). He cited Mickey Mantle's stats against Dick Radatz. I doubt there were many people that went back in time to sit Mantle because he had poor stats against Radatz. Let's get real. There are hitters you NEVER sit. But let's look at someone like Nick Swisher, a struggling hitter owned in most leagues, who is batting below .200 against three of his upcoming opposing pitchers (Dustin McGowan, Jarrod Washburn and Miguel Batista). I think that info is pertinent enough to make me check my bench for alternatives -- especially in mixed leagues.

Either way, Zola is a great Fantasy player -- an excellent writer -- and his column this week makes for an entertaining read. I've known him since we both went to watch the 2001 LABR auction in Tampa (what does, "get a life" mean?). He's always good for some excellent one-liners during our mixed league draft as well. His column this week was my favorite of the series so far. He has finished above me in Tout in two of three seasons so far ... So never mind what I said. Listen to him.

Trivia Answer: In 2006, Jered Weaver (9-0) and ... Aaron Sele!?!?!?! (7-0) had the best combined record for any Angels pitching pair.
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Posted on: April 27, 2008 2:39 pm

Tout Wars Transactions

Mixed FAAB





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Posted on: April 21, 2008 6:02 pm

Tout Bids entering Week 4

Tout Bids were in at 5pm, Friday, and lineups were set for Saturday's games.


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Posted on: April 15, 2008 1:45 pm

Tout Wars FAAB: Week 2

Here are the links to the three Tout Wars leagues:
Here are the FAAB results from the Tout Wars Mixed League from Friday's deadline.

  • Peter Moylan: Schechter $32, Hoyos $19 Regan $4 (final price = $20)
  • Dana Eveland: Hoyos $19 Kastner $8 (final price = $9)
  • Micah Owings: Regan $17 Hoyos $12 Gonos $3 Petera $2 (final price = $13)
  • Nick Blackburn: Hoyos $12 Petera $1 (final price = $2)
  • David Murphy: Regan $8 (final price = $1)
  • Jose Lopez: Regan $7 (final price = $1)
  • Maicer Izturis: Schechter $7 (final price = $1)
  • Ben Broussard: Zola $6 (final price = $1)
  • Edwin Jackson: Kastner $4 (final price = $1)
  • Jonathan Sanchez: Cushing $4 (final price = $1)
  • Scot Shields: Regan $1 (final price = $1)
  • Jason Kendall: Cushing $0

With nicknames courtesy of FantasyBaseball.com's Todd Zola.

  • Craig "Student" Counsell: Kreutzer 3 (Kreutzer 4, Walton 2, Becker 0)
  • Brian "The Incredible Hulk" Bixler: Walton 5 (Walton 11, Leibowitz 4)
  • Wes "Go to" Helms: Walton 1 (Walton 5)
  • Robert "Amos and" Andino: Hertz 0
  • Marlon "Brando" Anderson: Pianowski 1 (Pianowski 10)
  • Blaine "Facts of Life" Boyer: Leibowitz 1 (Leibowitz 7)Doug "Genesee Cream" Brocail: Leibowitz 1 (Leibowitz 2)
  • Adam "Good" Eaton: Kreutzer 1 (Kreutzer 12)
  • Jared "Subway" Burton: Schwartz 4 (Schwartz 8, Collette 3, Lombardo 0)
  • Damaso "Wal-" Marte: Collette 1 (Collette 1)
  • John "Imagine" Lannan: Melnick 1 (Melnick 6)
  • Colt "45" Morton: Hertz 0
  • Sean "Band Sunshine the and" Casey: Wilton 26 (Wilton 26, Walker 25, Erickson 19, Berry 12, Latkin 10, Shandler 6)
  • Shawn "Detective Martin" Riggans: Erickson 4 (Erickson 10, Siano 3, Peterson 2, Berry 2, Latkin 1)
  • Denard "Spic and" Span: Walker 10 (Walker 15, Erickson 9, Shandler 4, Grey 3, Peterson 2)
  • Jason "Dorothy" Hammel: Peterson 1 (Peterson 2, Moyer 0)
  • Ramon "Orange" Vazquez: Berry 1 (Berry 3) Well, nothing rhymes with Vazquez either
  • Darren "Undercover Angel" O'Day: Walker 1 (Walker 5)
  • Rob "The Mighty" Quinlan: Shandler 0 (Shandler 0, Brey 0)
  • Ron "Mother" Mahay: Walker 0
  • Alberto "Speedy" Gonzalez: Berry 1 (Berry 3)
  • Brian "Grin and" Burres: Latkin 1
  • Ross " Orange " Ohlendorf: Moyer 0
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Posted on: April 7, 2008 9:21 am
Edited on: April 7, 2008 4:40 pm

Manic Mondays

I have video this afternoon (something I never look forward to, especially since I look like I ate Amber Wilson before going on air), and we have to churn out as many updates as possible before 12:30 or so since the Cubs play at Pittsburgh at 1p.m. Owners need info before deadline time, so set your lineups ASAP -- then check back around noon for any last-minute changes.

Here's how the Mixed Tout Wars FAAB went down (we have a Friday, 5pm deadline for bids):
  • Jon Rauch - Schechter $23, Ma $4, Gonos $4, Hoyos $3 - $5 to Schechter
  • Mark Lowe - Petera $12 - $1 to Petera
  • Carlos Silva - Hoyos $19, Petera $1 - $2 to Hoyos
  • Ryan Dempster - Hoyos $19, - $1 to Hoyos
  • Joe Saunders - Cushing $16, Petera $1 - 2 to cushing
  • Scott Hairston - Cushing $6 - $1 to cushing
  • John Buck - Kastner $6 - $1 Kastner
  • David Riske - Salfino $5 - $1 Salfino
  • Jake Westbrook - Ma $5 - $1 Ma
  • Jeff Keppinger - Cushing $4 - $1 Cushing
  • Xavier Nady - Gonos $7, Kastner $4 - $5 Gonos (Spending $5 wasn't what I was hoping for, but considering the fact I had Travis Buck in there for Week 1 because I had to reserve my normal DH (Evan Longoria), Nady is a nice addition. Plus, since our scoring periods begin on Saturdays, Nady's homer on Saturday counted -- sweet!
  • Angel Pagan - $3 Hoyos - $1 Hoyos
  • Todd Wellemeyer - Ma $1
  • Garrett Anderson - Hoyos $3, Kastner $1 - $2 Hoyos
  • Geoff Jenkins - Kastner $0
Here are the links to the three Tout Wars leagues:
I'm in first place by a chunk right now in the mixed league, powered mostly by my ... power hitters and my starting pitchers. I'm still woefully inept in speed and saves although it's so early right now that I'm in the middle of the pack in those categories. Hindsight: I hate Brendan Roberts of ESPN now. I looked back at our auction/draft results and he picked Carlos Gomez before my two picks (wraparound 1st/2nd rounds). Obviously, I had no idea he'd break out like he has or I would have bid on him in the auction ... but still. I hate him.

Nicknaming the Reds' Dominican Dandies
In today's Cincinnati Enquirer, the writer, along with some readers at the bottom, were trying to come up with some nicknames for Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez, both of whom had great starts to their seasons this past week. Johnny K-ueto and Edinson High Voltage Volquez were mentioned by the writers, whereas one commenter said, "I like 'Johnny Machete' because he slices up the bats ... and I think that 'Cueto' means 'to cut' in Spanish."

First of all, Johnny Machete? Not good. Secondly, "to cut" in Spanish is "cortar," according to Sergio Gonzalez, our resident Latino. Speaking of which, if we did horrible commercials about Fantasy Baseball using soap opera stars, we'd use Sergio for our telenovelas. Finally, "cuete" in Spanish is "rocket," according to Sergio.

So there you have it -- Johnny Cueto is the Spanish Rocket! Now, we just hope he's not taking los steroidos en la cola!
Posted on: April 5, 2008 9:43 am
Edited on: April 5, 2008 12:54 pm

Saturday in the Office, I think it was the 5th...

of April.

Is this not the longest scoring period in the history of Fantasy Baseball? Week 2 is going to fly by folks. We're also looking at several middle-of-the-rotation starters that are going to be getting two starts this week, so be careful of exploding ERAs.

Here are the Tout Wars Week 2 Transactions (submitted Friday at 5pm)
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Posted on: April 1, 2008 9:58 am
Edited on: April 1, 2008 6:11 pm

The Day After

Tout Wars adds a ringer!?!
Jeff Ma, who joined Tout Wars for his first season of action, comes from ProTrade.com, which is a sports stock market website. He also happens to be the character that the movie "21" is based around. The movie "21" is based on the book, "Bringing Down the House," which is about six MIT graduates that go to Vegas and run the blackjack tables by counting cards. Kevin Spacey plays Kaiser Soze.

Next thing I hear is that Brandon Funston is actually just a robot with the supercomputer, Big Blue, telling him what to do.

By the way, here are the links to the Tout Wars standings! On these pages, you'll also find links to the rosters and transactions.
Opening Day II: The Sequel After working a loooooong Opening Day that ended with Jake Peavy's excellent outing at Petco Park (seven scoreless innings, three hits, two RBI at the plate), I woke up at 8:30 this morning -- usually the time I leave for work. So I got in a little late, needless to say. I'll start you off with the predictions from a couple buddies about their teams:

Michael Fabiano used to be one of our Fantasy Football writers, now he pens columns for NFL.com. He's a Yankees fan: "While I am worried about their middle relief, the Yankees still bolster some exciting young arms and one of the top offensive attacks in baseball. I can also see the Bombers making a trade or two to improve their pitching if Ian Kennedy or Philip Hughes falter and/or Joba Chamberlain is thrust into the rotation. I'm not solid on Boston as the best team in the American League or the AL East (what Yankees fan is?) so I'll pick the Yanks to win 96 games and the division title. I'm afraid to pick them to win a postseason round based on their recent failures, but a World Championship will be in the cards if the right trades are made down the stretch."

And Reds fan Johnny Rosenstein, otherwise known as Johnny Roast-Beef, works in our newsroom: "It's really a shame my Reds have so much offense, but the pitching -- mostly middle relief -- sucks. It's nice that they added Francisco Cordero, but how will they get to him? With Kent Mercker? Pleaaaaazzze! Plus, please remind me how much of a great leader Junior is? Watching him strike out in the first inning of the opener, it was mentioned he has seven Opening Day homers -- all with the Mariners. I expect a 73-89 season, which might just keep them in the NL Central race until early September. ... I would also like to go on record that Flood (our former worker in the newsroom that made his predictions Monday) is obviously smokin' some wacky-tobackky and the Yanks will not make the playoffs."

Pros and Prose
So Ross and I were discussing some of the different baseball blogs in the known universe, and I came across this one at Humbug. (My favorite was this one from Score Bard a couple months ago.)

So here's my submission from this afternoon, about Bobby Kielty finally accepting his minor-league assignment ... Ahem ...

Bobby Kielty will now play for Pawtucket.
He thought of telling Boston to "Suck it."
Then he thought one day,
As he was swinging away,
"I'm Kielty -- I'm no Kirby Puckett!"

Dave Richard came up with a good one that I can't post too.

First Alstott retires officially, now Rocco's gone?
After hearing that the Rays declined Rocco Baldelli's option, making my favorite baseball player a free agent after this season, I said, "Maybe it's an April Fool's joke?"

To which Emack responded, "The Rays signing him to that contract in the first place was the April Fool's joke."

Then I ran over him with a car.

Fun with Links
Speaking of April Fool's jokes, Ross Devonport (my cube neighbor and workmate) has introduced me to the world of being "Rick Roll'd." For those apparently as out of the loop as myself, this is when you trick someone into clicking on a link, only to take them to a Rick Asten video, preferably of "Never Gonna Give You Up." So he got me on "Muppet Bloopers" just now, it's pretty darn good too. Please post links to some likewise good Rick Roll'd links so I can get him.

Speaking of fun links, I found this -- Playing For Peanuts -- it's a reality show that follows the South Georgia Peanuts, a minor league baseball team. They haven't shown which channels will be showing the shows yet, but you can sign up for the email list, which I did, and it'll let you know when and where it will air.
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